Medical Informatics Europe '96


Brender, J.,
Christensen, H.I.,
McNair, P.

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Throughout the 1990s, technological advances brought about many changes in medical informatics, and by the second half of the decade the discipline was in the process of major changes.

This book presents the proceedings of the Medical Informatics Europe congresses, MIE 96, held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in August 1996. The congress was one of a sequence of international conferences organized by the European Federation for Medical Informatics and alternating with the MEDINFO congresses organized by the International Medical Informatics Association, and the book reflects the impact of the European Commission's Third and Fourth Framework Programmes in health telematics, which is well documented in the large number of papers based on or derived from research projects conducted under these research and development programs included here.</ br></ br> The proceedings contain 224 peer-reviewed papers, selected from 309 submissions, which are grouped according to a number of topics, including: networking and telemedicine; medical concepts and language; quality and IT systems; handling patient data; and education and training.

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