Identification of Potential Terrorists and Adversary Planning

Emerging Technologies and New Counter-Terror Strategies


Sharan, Y.,
Gordon, T.J.,
Florescu, E.,
Glenn, J.C.

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Never before have technological advances had so great an impact on security—not only increasing the nature and level of threats, but also for the possibility of providing the means to address the threats. Technologies that could increase security include ubiquitous and omnipresent surveillance systems, the use of new algorithms for big data, improving bio- and psycho-metrics, and artificial intelligence and robotics. Yet trustworthy and reliable partners and an active and alert society remain sine qua non to reduce terrorism. “To my mind, this publication is one of the best studies of modern terrorism and what to do about it that we have at our disposal. So I am confident that it will find a wide readership, not only in academic or think tank circles, but even more importantly, among policy makers and government officials. They stand to benefit most and they can afford least of all to ignore the important conclusions and recommendations that this wise publication has provided.” Jamie SHEA Deputy Assistant Secretary General, Emerging Security Challenges Division, NATO

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