History and Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Ping, C.,
Zhengou, W.,
Peiping, X.

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Medicine is one of the most ancient branches of learning. In order to survive, humanity started its medical activities from the very day it came into being. As one of the birthplaces of ancient civilization, China was one of the earliest countries were medicine was developed. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology was introduced to many other countries and it has made a great contribution to the development of world medicine. This book is compiled for both foreign readers, teachers and students in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It gives a comprehensive account of the original and trailblazing events in the history of Traditional Chinese World Medicine. It starts with introducing the origin of China’s traditional medicine, pharmaceuticals and medical treatment. Then it narrates the significance of the inventions of wine and needless to Traditional Chinese Medicine and the formation of its theoretical system and its essential content by introducing some classical works. Thereafter, development of Traditional Chinese Medicine during the Jin and Tang Dynasty is discussed, pulse condition, pathogenic factors, syndrome types manifestations and formulas are introduced. History and Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine continues with a brief account of new developments during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. After that, it discusses the influence of Western Medicine on Traditional Chinese Medicine over the past hundred years.