Future Trends and New Approaches in Defeating the Terrorism Threat


Gürbuz, U.

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The threat of terrorism has become an ever present preoccupation, necessitating the constant review and updating of defensive strategies to counter it from national governments and policymakers. This book presents selected articles based on some of the lectures delivered at the NATO Centre of Excellence – Defence against Terrorism (COE – DAT) Advanced Training Course (ATC) Future Trends and New Approaches in Defeating the Terrorism Threat, held in Algiers, Algeria, in October 2011.

Subjects covered by these articles include an overview of terrorism; respecting human rights in the countering of terrorism; suicide terrorism; terrorism involving weapons of mass destruction; bioterrorism; terrorism, media and public information; strategic communications in the defence against terrorism; the challenges posed by non-state armed groups; and sources of instability.

This collection of articles will be of interest to all those involved in countering the threat of terrorism worldwide.

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