Connecting Medical Informatics and Bio-Informatics

Proceedings of MIE2005


Engelbrecht, R.,
Geissbuhler, A.,
Lovis, C.,
Mihalas, G.

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A wide spectrum of actual topics in bio-informatics, including both medical and bio-medical informatics, is addressed by MIE (Medical Informatics Europe), the leading annual conference in Europe dealing with telematics in health care. The main theme in this publication is the development of connections between bio-informatics and medical informatics. Tools and concepts from both disciplines can complement each other. Information derived at the molecular level influences patient care processes. New bridges must be built. For this purpose, a panel of high level scientists was invited to participate and to give keynote speeches, tutorials and workshop discussions. Topics include: sharing resources between bio-informatics and medical informatics; sharing knowledge, common data and tools, interactions and potentialization for the benefit of patients; image processing and feature extraction; electronic health records and information systems; biosignal analysis, human interface, quality assessment, patients as citizens, statistical methods, knowledge engineering and telematics.

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