Challenging Glass

Conference on Architectural and Structural Applications of Glass


Bos, F.,
Louter, C.,
Veer, F.

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Delft University Press



Challenging Glass accompanies the first Conference on Architectural and Structural Applications of Glass, which is organised at TU Delft. It provides the reader with nearly seventy papers, written by authors with backgrounds varying from practicing architects, structural and façade engineers through contractors to researchers in material science, building physics, lighting, and building and civil engineering. Just about every challenge glass poses for architectural and structural applications is being dealt with. The topics that are covered in this edition range from glass joints, fixings and adhesives to architectural designs to the strength, stability and safety of glass. Other important issues are laminates and composite designs, glass lighting, the curving and bending of glass and the many facades of glass. Challenging Glass contains a gathering of PhD researchers from around Europe and the world and truly accepts every facet of transparency and brittleness; those features that make glass so challenging.