Assistive Technology Research Series

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Aims and Scope

Aims: to widely disseminate and archive assistive technology research summaries through publishing proceedings, monographs, and edited collective works.
To become the primary world-wide source of information in assistive technology research; through publishing state-of-the-science material across all continents.
Scope: assistive technology (AT) is any tool, equipment, system, or service designed to help develop, maintain or improve a person with a disability to function in all aspects of his or her life. Assistive technology helps people of all ages who may have a broad range of disabilities or limitations.
The scope of the Assistive Technology Research Book Series will accept manuscripts and proposals for a wide range of relevant topics. We are interested in assistive technology research to include, but not limited to:
- Design and development of new assistive technologies and the processes to achieve optimal design.
- Research into AT service delivery models, to include innovations and measure of quality assurance.
- Outcomes studies of devices, systems, equipment or services.
- Cross-cutting or fundamental technologies (e.g., robotics, mechatronics, software modeling, rapid prototyping) that will impact assistive technologies.
- Legislative, regulatory, or policy research with assistive technology implications.
- Studies of the usage of assistive technologies, including epidemiological and market studies.
- Educational or training methods or programs studies in assistive technology.
- Impact studies of emerging technologies, methods, policies or practices on assistive technology or people with disabilities.
- Preventative or interventional studies using assistive technology.
- Models for research or technology transfer in assistive technology.
- Cultural, economic, and societal issues in assistive technology.
- Interfaces of assistive technology across disciplines.

The series has been accepted by Scopus. Volumes from 2006 onwards are available in ebook format:

From volume 36 onwards Assistive Technology Research (ATR) will be merged with the prestigious book series Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (SHTI) to better serve the needs of the related scientific communities. In addition to assistive technology the series will cover health informatics, intelligent home technology, biomedical engineering etc., and be promoted globally. All volumes will be indexed in MEDLINE/PubMed, Scopus, EMCare and Book Citation Index - Science and Thomson Reuters’ Conference Proceedings Citation Index and be available in print as well as ebooks. IOS Press will offer the possibility to publish books Open Access which will further enhance the visibility of the new merged series.

Book series editors

Rory A. Cooper, PhD
University of Pittsburgh

Editorial Board
Angel Gil Agudo, MD
National Hospital for Spinal Cord Injury

Geoff Bardsley, PhD
University of Dundee
United Kingdom

Robert Bingham, BME
Royal Perth Hospital

Christian Bühler, PhD
Evangelische Stiftung Volmarstein
H S Chhabra, MD
India Spinal Injury Centre

Gerry Craddock, PhD
Central Remedial Clinic
Rep. of Ireland

Jin Dewen, PhD
Tsinghua University

Sten Ekman, PhD
Mälardalen University

Martin Ferguson-Pell, PhD
University of London
United Kingdom

Shirley G. Fitzgerald, PhD
University of Pittsburgh

Antal (Tony) Huba, PhD
Technical University of Budapest

Jeffrey Jutai, PhD
University of Western Ontario

Kiyomi Matsuo, PhD
Saga University

Mounir Mokhtari

Johan Molenbroek, PhD
Delft University of Technology
The Netherlands

Hisaichi Ohnabe, PhD
Niigata University of Health and Welfare

Paul F. Pasquina, MD
Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences

Marcia Scherer, PhD
State University of New York

Nigel Shapcott, MS
University of Swansea
United Kingdom

Richard Simpson, PhD
University of Pittsburgh

Thijs Soede
iRv Institute
The Netherlands

Ronaldo de Souza Moraes, Jr., MEng
Instituto de Ortopedia e Traumatologia

Eric Tam, PhD
Hong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong

Osamu Tanaka, PhD
Yokohama Rehabilitation Center

Julian Verkaaik, MS
Burwood Academy of Independent Living
New Zealand

Howard Wactlar, PhD
Carnegie Mellon University

Hans-Werner Wahl, PhD
University of Heidelberg

Lloyd Walker, PhD
University of Adelaide

Jue Wang, PhD
Xi’An Jiatong University

Brian Woods, PhD
University of York
United Kingdom

Lucas van der Woude, PhD
Free University of Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Yusheng Yang, PhD
Kaohsiung Medical University

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