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The best partnerships help us move forward – for the benefit of all parties. With an international reputation for serving the scientific, technical, and medical communities, we engage with organizations that share our goals to elevate quality, accessibility, and impact of research. The external alliances and networks with which we engage support evolving publishing industry initiatives and are invested in long-term partnerships. Intrinsically linked to our deep commitment to innovation, we work together to implement best practices in emerging technology for applications in scholarly publishing, including open science and FAIR data principles, all partnerships that help drive our innovation roadmap.


Our external alliances support evolving publishing industry initiatives and result in long-term partnerships.
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Partnership for FAIR data

We advocate for transparency when it comes to data. The implementation of guiding principles to make data findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR) relies on public endorsement and cooperation, and we are pleased to collaborate with GO FAIR as we strive to make content as accessible as possible in line with these guiding principles. Researchers and the wider data communities are advancing open science culture through Implementation Networks, which are core drivers of the GO FAIR initiative as vehicles for advancing the global discussion about data stewardship. We support the call for academic publishers to get involved in such a network for formulating protocols and standards to make research material machine-readable (and therefore FAIR).

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Partnership for innovation

As a supporter of the creation of a central place for European research on artificial intelligence (AI), we are very pleased to partner with the Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe (CLAIRE) and proud to be a founding member of the new CLAIRE Innovation Network that was launched in June 2021. This network comprises organizations that develop or use AI methods or technologies (for-profit). Via the network, there will be opportunities to collaborate with AI scientists, research groups, and start-ups from all over Europe. If you are working or planning to work on a project following the European vision and mission of AI, CLAIRE and IOS Press’ collaboration could be of help. Please get in touch with the marketing team via this contact form (please mention "AI research" in the subject line).

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Partnership for knowledge sharing

We are a member of the Pistoia Alliance, which is beneficial not only for our company but also for our wider network of editors and board members. This partnership is all about working collaboratively, which we hope the researchers in our audience will be able to tap into. The alliance seeks to “overcome common research and development (R&D) obstacles by identifying root causes, developing standards and best practices, sharing pre-competitive data and knowledge, and executing technology pilots.” There are numerous projects with which to get involved, including artificial intelligence, data visualization, and FAIR implementation, and plenty of wide-ranging events.

“Strong partnerships are integral to the delivery of our program. IOS Press and the communities it supports have a reputation in science, engineering, and project management, which provides us with significant influence over the international partnerships and projects with which we engage.”

Einar Fredriksson, director and founder of IOS Press


The best way to stay updated about news of projects with our partners and alliances is to sign up for our company newsletter or visit the Labs website, where more in-depth posts may be available! If you are interested in becoming a partner, get in touch with the marketing team via this contact form (please mention "partnerships" in the subject line).

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