Most Read Books_February 2024

IOS Press' Most Read Books from February 2024

We are happy to present an overview of IOS Press' books that were most read in February 2024. Below you can find a top 5 ebooks and a top 5 print books.

Our ebook top 5 includes insights into the development of proactive, innovative digital-health solutions, a description of the benefits and challenges of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for future healthcare, two comprehensive overviews of current research and developments in AI, and the newest insights into trustworthy sharing of data to improve health.

Book cover_The Role of Digital Health Policy and Leadership

The Role of Digital Health Policy and Leadership: From Reactive to Proactive

Editors: Keshavjee, K., Khatami, A.

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Book cover_MEDINFO 2023 — The Future Is Accessible

MEDINFO 2023 — The Future Is Accessible: Proceedings of the 19th World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics

Editors: Bichel-Findlay, J., Otero, P., Scott, P., Huesing, E.

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Book cover_Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Applications

Artificial Intelligence Technologies and Applications: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference (ICAITA 2023), Changchun, China, June 30-July 2, 2023

Editor: Chen, C.

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ECAI 2023

ECAI 2023: 26th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, September 30 – October 4, 2023, Kraków, Poland – Including 12th Conference on Prestigious Applications of Intelligent Systems (PAIS 2023)

Editors: Gal, K., Nowé, A., Nalepa, G.J., Fairstein, R., Rădulescu, R.

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Book cover_Caring is Sharing — Exploiting the Value in Data for Health and Innovation

Caring is Sharing — Exploiting the Value in Data for Health and Innovation: Proceedings of MIE 2023

Editors: Hägglund, M., Blusi, M., Bonacina, S., Nilsson, L., Cort Madsen, I., Pelayo, S., Moen, A., Benis, A., Lindsköld, L., Gallos, P.

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*The ebook top 5 is based on data from our ebooks platform.


Our print book top 5 includes a description of the optimal measurements of the different elements of buildings, an account of the mystery of six “frozen” patients who were soon diagnosed by neurosurgeon J. William Langston as having advanced Parkinson's disease, an overview of recent advances in the field of law and AI, the most recent developments in neuro-symbolic AI, and a comprehensive overview of the fascinating field of AI, big data and algorithms.

Book cover_De menselijke maat

De menselijke maat

Author: Haak, A.J.H.

Book cover_The Case of the Frozen Addicts

The Case of the Frozen Addicts: How the Solution of a Medical Mystery Revolutionized the Understanding of Parkinson's Disease

Authors: Langston, J.W., Palfreman, J.

Book cover_Legal Knowledge and Information Systems

Legal Knowledge and Information Systems
JURIX 2023: The Thirty-sixth Annual Conference, Maastricht, the Netherlands, 18-20 December 2023

Editors: Sileno, G., Spanakis, J., van Dijck, G.

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Book cover_Neuro-Symbolic Artificial Intelligence

Neuro-Symbolic Artificial Intelligence: The State of the Art

Editors: Hitzler, P., Sarker, M.K.

Book cover_Advances in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Algorithms

Advances in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Algorithms: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Algorithms (CAIBDA 2023)

Editors: Grigoras, G., Lorenz, P.

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*The print book top 5 is based on print sales data. 

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