Call for Papers: Ontologies and Large Language Models

Deadline Extended: Submit before 19 April 2024
The development of large language models (LLMs) has created new opportunities for ontology development and application. Convergence of semantically rich structures offered by ontologies and generative models offered by LLMs will lead to more robust, more explainable artificial intelligence infrastructures.

Special Issue Topic

This special issue of Applied Ontology aims at exploring such connections and so seeks contributions that: 

•    Identify strategies for enriching ontology engineering artifacts or processes with LLMs, e.g. knowledge graph or ontology construction, preliminary key term generation, etc. 
•    Identify strategies for enriching LLMs with ontology engineering artifacts or processes, e.g. pre-structuring training data with ontologies, guide prompt-engineering, quality control for hallucinations, etc.
•    Identify software or hardware vulnerabilities emerging from wedding LLMs and ontologies, 
•    Exploring opportunities or challenges in automating ontology development using LLMs,
•    Develop benchmarks or assessments for evaluating the enrichment of LLMs with ontologies or vice versa,
•    Comparisons, assessments, and trends regarding existing benchmarking methods with respect to LLMs and ontologies
•    Identify and provide strategies for addressing ethical implications of wedding LLMs and ontologies,
•    Promote a platform for collaboration around LLMs and ontologies, with respect to a specific use case or set of competency questions,
•    Explore assessments of ontology reasoning use with LLMs.

Extended Submission Deadline: 19 April 2024



•    1-15-2024: Open portal for submissions.
•    4-19-2024: Extended Deadline for submissions.
•    5-30-2024: Complete submission reviews. 
•    6-30-2024: Initial rejections, acceptances, and R&Rs sent. 
•    7-30-2024: Deadline for revisions.
•    8-30-2024: Final decisions submitted.
•    9-30-2024: Final manuscripts due from authors.
•    10-30-2024: Publication of the special issue.

About the Journal

Applied Ontology focuses on information content in its broadest sense. As the subtitle makes clear, two broad kinds of content-based research activities are envisioned: ontological analysis and conceptual modeling. The former includes any attempt to investigate the nature and structure of a domain of interest using rigorous philosophical or logical tools; the latter concerns the cognitive and linguistic structures we use to model the world, as well as the various analysis tools and methodologies we adopt for producing useful computational models, such as information systems schemes or knowledge structures. Applied Ontology is the first journal with explicit and exclusive focus on ontological analysis and conceptual modeling under an interdisciplinary view. It aims to establish a unique niche in the realm of scientific journals by carefully avoiding unnecessary duplication with discipline-oriented journals. For this reason, authors will be encouraged to use language that will be intelligible also to those outside their specific sector of expertise, and the review process will be tailored to this end. For example, authors of theoretical contributions will be encouraged to show the relevance of their theory for applications, while authors of more technological papers will be encouraged to show the relevance of a well-founded theoretical perspective. Moreover, the journal will publish papers focusing on representation languages or algorithms only where these address relevant content issues, whether at the level of practical application or of theoretical understanding. Similarly, it will publish descriptions of tools or implemented systems only where a contribution to the practice of ontological analysis and conceptual modeling is clearly established.

Next Steps

Please read the author guidelines for detailed information about submissions, and make sure to follow our guidance carefully, as incorrect or incomplete submissions will delay the peer review process. Submissions are welcome from January 15 to April 19, 2024, only through the journal’s editorial management system, as informed in our guidelines. For any queries, please contact the guest editor, John Beverley

Papers are submitted via the Applied Ontology Editorial Manager site which can be found below.

Extended Deadline: Submit before April 19, 2024