In our working practices to achieve the highest professional standards, we stay connected with industry developments and implement new initiatives for the benefit of our scholarly network and community at large.

Our company memberships in professional societies, publishing bodies, and trade organizations are vital to this, as is our need to follow best-practice procedures and adhere to industry standards. We are proud members of the scholarly publishing/industry organizations listed below:

We also adhere to guidelines/procedures from the following organization(s):

We have representation on working groups in affiliation with the following organizations:

We are a signatory of the following initiatives:

We continue to establish other relationships as we constantly strive to make new connections for driving advancement within the scientific ecosystem.

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We are committed to investing in long-term partnerships and engage with alliances and networks to support our evolving publishing industry initiatives.
  • Partnerships

    We work with partners on innovative projects for best practice and applications in scholarly publishing.

  • Sustainability

    We join with organizations to advocate for sustainable practices in the scholarly ecosystem.

  • R&D

    We devote resources for investigating cutting-edge technologies to support future innovation.

  • Our Community

    We collaborate with our publishing community to provide guidance, information, and support.