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There's no doubt about the power of visuals – and, of course, they can be eye-catching and engaging, which is a bonus. Data visualization can provide compelling insights and help us see connections within vast quantities of data that we would otherwise not perceive. That is why we have been developing tools to do just that, i.e., visualize the data for human consumption.

Unlocking relationships is the power of linked data, and the visualization tools help provide insights into our journal data (see Note 1). To discover more about this, please explore below. You can also watch the LD Connect presentation from our 2022 anniversary symposium, where you can view how publishing relationships have evolved over the company's 35 years.


We invite you to try out the interactive visualization tool examples that we share on this page. Please enjoy!

The visualization tools that are presented in this section allow you to visually explore how the journals within specific research fields have changed and grown over the past few years, as well as their spatial characteristics. 

This tool extracts author data from LD Connect and allows you to visualize the connections and geographic locations of authors (based on their affiliations) for papers in any specific journal. Select a publication from the drop-down list and watch as the results are revealed. You can see the top collaborations, based on location, per title (see Note 2).

This tool extracts journal data from LD Connect and gives you a true representation of how publishing trends have changed over the years. Select a year from the drop-down list and watch as the results are revealed. The visualizations are based on subject category and quantities of published papers (see Note 2).


Note 1: Book data is covered in LD Connect via the simple search, although not yet within the visualization tools. 
Note 2: The visualization tool data covers Jan 1987 to Mar 2022. This is not "real time" data. It will be updated annually.

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