LD Connect: Our Linked Data Portal

We offer the linked data (LD) of our publications for the benefit of the scientific research and data science communities in order to stimulate new discoveries, enhance third party datasets, and empower innovation. By this, we hope it will contribute in a meaningful way to scientific progress.

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Revealing Insights

We publish hundreds of journal articles and book chapters every month. How can we ensure all of this content stands out and is discoverable? The answer is that we make sure it is machine readable, with the data being structured so that it can be interlinked with other data – making it useful through semantic queries. Using this linked data, we develop tools for users to dive in and gain insights from all the published content. We do this through our knowledge graph.

We offer powerful semantic search tools to query and visualize data. With artificial intelligence (AI)-powered embeddings derived from full text, our linked data portal LD Connect builds a powerful knowledge graph constructing links between the data that reveal contextual relationships among authors, institutions, and research areas that can be visualized and interpreted and new relationships uncovered. 


Unleash the potential of linked data with LD Connect, which provides publicly available linked machine-readable metadata from all IOS press journals and books.
We make the linked data of our publications available in order to stimulate new discoveries.

This section of our website provides background on this initiative and offers highlights of the capabilities of LD Connect, which we hope will help you understand the benefits and what you can gain from using it. You can explore the simple search and gain insights via the links below. However, if you wish to know more about the technical side, run a semantic search, or download data sets, we encourage you to visit the linked data portal directly. 

What is LD Connect?

  • Connect

    Our linked data platform lets you explore its knowledge graph and interpret the patterns that emerge from the data. LD Connect’s technology facilitates the communication between human- and machine-readable data.

  • Explore

    Our suite of AI-powered tools allows you to explore and expand your knowledge about research, authors, keywords, journals, organizations, or potential peer reviewers within your field.

  • Discover

    Our list of suggestions and tips for delving into the IOS Press data pool can help you carry out searches that will lead you to discover inferences and links that are relevant to you.

  • Visualize

    Our data visualization tools can enable you to gain insights into how research evolves, researchers connect, institutions collaborate, and more. We share interactive options for exploring LD Connect. 


Short answer: Everyone. It contains the metadata of all our books and journals, and this linked data is openly available to the public.

You may be wondering if LD Connect is only intended for data scientists. Linked data is potentially useful to many members of the scholarly publishing ecosystem. 

LD Connect is open to all users. Being presented with all IOS Press metadata might sound overwhelming. What is important to remember is that within that data, there is information that we hope will be of interest to you:

  • Everyone who is interested to discover what areas and research fields covered in our complete portfolio of journals will gain insights. The visualization tool could be of particular interest for you.
  • Authors who publish with IOS Press are assured that their work is disseminated through both human- and machine-accessible channels following web-friendly standards.
  • Editors can carry out multiple types of analyses that can be helpful for progressing submissions, as well as discovering prolific authors in certain fields or identifying potential reviewers.
  • Librarians and abstracting and indexing services can use the data portal to ensure their own data stores are always up to date with the latest content published by IOS Press.
NOTE: Book data is covered in LD Connect and via the simple search, though this is not yet available within the visualization tool. 

"Thank you for providing this data for the scientific community! Publication metadata provided as knowledge graphs using established standards – as done in LD Connect – makes it much easier for any interested party to ingest and reuse this data, combine it with other data, etc. This enables easier development of applications such as literature search, topic tracing, reviewer finding, co-authorship network analysis, and more. I hope that other scholarly publishing houses will follow your lead!"

Pascal Hitzler, PhD, director of the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at Kansas State University

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