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The COVID-19 crisis is affecting many lives, and also research initiatives. IOS Press would like to acknowledge the contributions of medical professionals, researchers, and first responders who are on the frontlines of the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. We also appreciate the time and efforts of our editors, authors, and reviewers during this difficult time.

Our approach to publishing COVID-19 content was clear from the outset, with all such content being made freely available and easily accessible via this dedicated page on the IOS Press webpage. Links to content published in IOS Press journals, books, and related websites are compiled below.

New content added at the end of each section (listed alphabetically according to journal title or book series).





Telepractice in service delivery: A survey of perspectives and practices of speech and language therapists in Ireland during COVID-19 
by Eilis Farren, et al.
, Research Article (Openly Available)

Supporting speech and language therapy students in uncertain times 
by Emma Gregory, et al.
, Research Article (Openly Available)
The COVID-19 silver lining for speech and language therapists working in intensive care units 
by Claire S. Mills, et al.
, Research Article (Openly Available)



Study Significance of Low Plasma Homocysteine or Hypohomocysteinemia and Some Parameter to Syndrome Associated with COVID-19 in Basrah City, Iraq 
by Mohammed Salam Salman, et al.
, Research Article (Openly Available)

The Impact of COVID-19 Infection on Prognostic Effect of Liver Laboratory Markers and Disease Outcome 
by Randa R. Ghamyes, et al.
, Research Article (Openly Available)
Enviro-Health Dimensions of Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Draft Notification 2020 and COVID-19 Pandemic 
by M.Z.M Nomani
, Research Article (Openly Available)



The COVID-19 pandemic: An urgent need to remove silo mentality in science and tackle global health challenges through coordination, cooperation and collaboration 
by Parvez I. Haris
, Editorial (Openly Available)

ATR-FTIR spectroscopy for virus identification: A powerful alternative
 by Marfran C.D. Santos, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)


BLC purple journal cover   BLADDER CANCER

Considerations about Non-Metastatic Bladder Cancer Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic 
by Filipe L.F. Carvalho, et al., Article Commentary (Open Access) | Press Release

Rationale for Randomized Clinical Trials Investigating the Potential of BCG Vaccination in Preventing COVID-19 Infection
by Magali Noval Rivas, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on bladder cancer care in the Netherlands
by Lisa M.C. van Hoogstraten, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 


BD journal cover   BREAST DISEASE

New safer management for breast cancer patients who need neoadjuvant therapy during SARS-COVID pandemic
by Donato Casella, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

Idiopathic granulomatous mastitis and steroid use during the pandemic of COVID-19
by Hasan Calis, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 


CH white journal cover with red and blue swirls   CLINICAL HEMORHEOLOGY AND MICROCIRCULATION 

by Friedrich Jung, Editorial (Openly Available) 

Notions of “coronavirus” from the perspective of a clinical immunologist and medical historian
by Folker Wenzel, Letter (Openly Available) 

How we should respond to the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 outbreak: A German perspective
by Friedrich Jung, et al., Research Article (Open Access)

Contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) to assess pleural pulmonal changes in severe Covid 19 infection: First results
by Ernst-Michael Jung, et al.Research Article (Open Access)

Herd immunity or suppression strategy to combat COVID-19
by Friedrich Jung, et al., Research Article (Open Access)

COVID-19 and the endothelium
by Friedrich Jung, et al.Short Communication (Open Access)

A comparison of COVID-19 mortality rates between European and Asian states
by Jan Heiner Kuepper, et al., Letter (Open Access)

The compelling arguments for the need of microvascular investigation in COVID-19 critical patients
by Romeo Martini, Research Article (Open Access)

Complement-mediated Extracellular Vesicle release as a measure of endothelial dysfunction and prognostic marker for COVID-19 in peripheral blood
by Jameel Inal, Letter (Openly Available)

Elevated fibrinogen and fibrin degradation product are associated with poor outcome in COVID-19 patients: A meta-analysis
by Johanes Nugroho, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Cerebrovascular comorbidity, high blood levels of C-reactive protein and D-dimer are associated with disease outcomes in COVID-19 patients
by Foad Alzoughool, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Interstitial lung opacities in patients with severe COVID-19 pneumonia by bedside high-resolution ultrasound in association to CO2 retention
by G. Peschel, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Can erythrocytes behavior in microcirculation help the understanding the physiopathology and improve prevention and treatment for COVID-19?
by Paulo Luiz Farber, Research Article (Openly Available)

D-Dimer daily continuous tendency predicts the short-term prognosis for COVID-19 independently: A retrospective study from Northeast China
by Yinting Xing, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Application of extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal combined with continuous blood purification therapy in ARDS with hypercapnia in patients with critical COVID-19
by Ye Chen, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Is SARS-CoV-2 infection an emerging risk factor for splanchnic venous thrombosis?
by Attilia Pizzini, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Early evaluation of organ failure using MELD-XI in critically ill elderly COVID-19 patients
by Raphael Romano Bruno, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Acute triiodothyronine treatment and red blood cell sedimentation rate (ESR) in critically ill COVID-19 patients: A novel association?
by Constantinos Pantos, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Contrast enhanced ultrasonography (CEUS) a novel tool to detect intestinal epithelial barrier dysfunction in severe COVID-19 disease
by H.C. Tews, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Endothelial glycocalyx damage in patients with severe COVID-19 on mechanical ventilation – a prospective observational pilot study
by David Astapenko, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Blood hyperviscosity in acute and recent COVID-19 infection
by Aleesha Shaik, et al., Research Article (Open Access)
ADAMTS13 factor deficiency in severe COVID-19 may not be immune mediated–report from a pilot study
by Ashna George, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Ultrasound features of abdominal thrombosis in COVID 19 patients
by Yi Dong, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Coagulation and hemorheology profile of patient with stroke and COVID-19: A case series during second wave pandemic
by Al Rasyid, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Association of coagulation factors profile with clinical outcome in patient with COVID-19 and acute stroke: A second wave cohort study
by Al Rasyid, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Multimodal ultrasound imaging with conventional B-mode, elastography, and parametric analysis of contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS): A novel approach to assess small bowel manifestation in severe COVID-19 disease
by H.C. Tews, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

COVID-19 hemodynamic and thrombotic effect on the eye microcirculation after hospitalization: A quantitative case-control study
by Aristotle G. Koutsiaris, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Skin microcirculation reactivity to local thermal hyperaemia in patients with COVID-19 — A pilot observational study
by A.A. Glazkov, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Cytokine absorption in critically ill old COVID-19 patients with renal failure: A retrospective analysis of 503 intensive care unit patients
by Stephan Binneboessel, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Dynamic changes in coagulation, hematological and biochemical parameters as predictors of mortality in critically ill COVID–19 patients: A prospective observational study
by Biljana Zlojutro, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Impaired fibrinolysis in severe Covid-19 infection is detectable in early stages of the disease
by Oliver Watson, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

The efficacy of low molecular weight heparin is reduced in Covid-19
by Oliver Watson, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Wireless handheld focused ultrasound in student teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic: Initial results of a pilot study
by Ulrich Kaiser, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Influence of Covid-19 disease on hemostasis dynamics during extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)
by D. Rother, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Can we predict critical care mortality with non-conventional inflammatory markers in SARS-CoV-2 infected patients?
by Martin Rozanovic, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)


EFI blue and white journal cover   EDUCATION FOR INFORMATION

Redesigning (virtual) learning with a “love ethic” in the wake of COVID-19
by Jeremy Zimmett, Research Article (Open Access)

Challenges for medical libraries in times of COVID-19: Making clinical decisions that uphold research quality
by Eukene Ansuategi, et al., Short Communication (Openly Available)

Creating a MOOC to develop information skills during the coronavirus pandemic
by Danilo Reyes-Lillo and Carlos Hernandez-Garrido, Short Communication (Open Access)

Tryst with uncertainty: Efforts of Department of Library and Information Science, University of Gour Banga, Malda, West Bengal, India
by Sandip Majumdar, Short Communication (Openly Available)

Personal account of remote teaching for tertiary education in a South African context
by Isak de Villiers Bosman, Short Communication (Openly Available)

Challenges for the educational system during lockdowns: A possible new framework for teaching and learning for the near future
by Juan-José Boté-Vericad, Short Communication (Openly Available)

Old questions, new circumstances: Some reflections on information during the COVID-19 pandemic
by Lai Ma, Research Article (Openly Available)

Thirty minutes is a small price to pay: Care, creativity, and community-building
by Jennifer R. Luetkemeyer, Research Article (Openly Available)

Assessing the societal value of a service-learning project in information studies during the COVID-19 pandemic
by Michela Montesi, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Perceived barriers for distance teaching in higher education during the COVID-19 crisis: “I never did a video before”
by Juan-José Boté-Vericad, Research Article (Openly Available)
Shifting focus to online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic in Saudi Universities: Challenges and opportunities
by Nouf Aljohani, Review Article (Openly Available)


EPL cover depicting us working together (the hands) for a healthy integration of nature and our living environment.    ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY AND LAW

In Response to COVID-19: Promoting Sustainability and Resilience Regarding Major Health Crises
by Efstathia Laina, Meeting Report (Openly Available)

The Responsibility of The Indonesian Government to Fulfill the Rights to Water During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Some Legal Issues
by Nadia Astriani, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)


HAB red journal cover   HUMAN ANTIBODIES

Zero tolerance for complacency by government of West African countries in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic
by O. Erhabor, et al., Research Article (Open Access) 

Global burden of COVID-19: Situational analyis and review
by Addis Adera Gebru, et al.Research Article (Openly Available) 

The level of risk, effects response to potential health emergencies, prevention and control method of COVID-19: A systematic review
by Addis Adera Gebru, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Global public health significances, health care perception of community, treatments, prevention and control methods of COVID-19
by Addis Adera Gebru, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Clinical and demographic characteristics of patients with COVID-19 infection: Statistics from a single hospital in Iran
by Majid Samsami et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

COVID-19: Significance of antibodies
by Sara Assadiasl, et al., Review Article (Openly Available) 

Comparative evaluation of SARS-CoV-2 IgG assays against nucleocapsid and spike antigens
by Mitra Rezaei, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

A review of monoclonal antibodies in COVID-19: Role in immunotherapy, vaccine development and viral detection
by Ashraf A. Tabll, et al., Review Article (Openly Available)

Mini-review: The market growth of diagnostic and therapeutic monoclonal antibodies; SARS CoV-2 an example
by Yasmine El Abd, et al., Review Article (Openly Available)
COVID-19 pandemic: Insights into genetic susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2 and host genes implications on virus spread, disease severity and outcomes
by Saba Dastar, et al., Review Article (Openly Available)
Comparison of some hematological parameters between male and female patients infected with COVID-19
by Saba Dastar, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)



Impact of employees engagement and knowledge sharing on organizational performance: Study of HR challenges in COVID-19 pandemic
by Tanveer Ahmed, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

Changes and challenges of human systems management during and after the pandemic
by Anca Draghici, Editorial (Openly Available) 

A learning-by-doing based framework for micro-knowledge management in project contexts
by Ibrian Caramidaru, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

The ‘silver-lining’ of youth future in the new normal: Describing a new generation
by Dunya Ahmed, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

Virtuality and teams: Dealing with crises and catastrophes
by Sushant Bhargava, Research Article (Openly Available) 

Impact of employees engagement and knowledge sharing on organizational performance: Study of HR challenges in COVID-19 pandemic
by Tanveer Ahmed, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

Occupational health and safety division of responsibility: A conceptual model for the implementation of the OHSAS 18001:2007 standard
by  Corina Dufour,  et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

Emergency remote education in Bahrain, Iraq, and Russia During the COVID-19 pandemic: A comparative case study
by  Christine Elizabeth (Noor) Coutts,  et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

Are there any key factors that encourage food delivery applications use during the COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand and the role of HRM?
by  Jankit Chotigo and Yasuo Kadono, Research Article (Openly Available) 

Nexus between perceived job insecurity and employee work-related outcomes amid COVID-19: Attenuating effect of supervisor support
by  Shuaib Ahmed Soomro, Research Article (Openly Available) 

Measuring innovative practices for workplace safety, health and well-being in Tunisia during the COVID-19 pandemic
by  Hanen Khanchel, Research Article (Openly Available) 

Impact of ICT on entrepreneurial self-efficacy in emerging economy: Sustaining lock-down during COVID-19 pandemic
by Taiba Sardar, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

Boomerang hiring: Strategy for sustainable development in COVID-19 era
by Penumadu V. Raveendra and Yellappa M. Satish, Research Article (Openly Available)

Breach of employer obligation and employee well-being during COVID-19 unlock phase
by Anushree Karani, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

The impact of internal factors on the use of technology in higher education in Saudi Arabia during the COVID-19 pandemic
by Abdullah Mohammed Al-Ghurbani, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
The association between the initial outcomes of COVID-19 and the human development index: An ecological study
by Mohamed Buheji, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Strengthening of work-life balance while working remotely in the context of COVID-19 pandemic
by Živilė Stankevičiūtė and Svetlana Kunskaja, Research Article (Openly Available)
Telework and perceived workload: Learnings prior to the COVID-19 upheaval
by Tuuli Turja, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Some of the workforce face post COVID-19 after the acute phase of the illness: The employer’s supportive role
by Katarina Babnik, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Ergonomic work from home and occupational health problems amid COVID-19
by Shuaib Ahmed, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Now is the time for a critical analysis of the pandemic’s legacy
by Katarina Babnik and Nada Trunk Širca, Editorial for special issue "Critical analysis of the COVID-19 pandemic" (Openly Available)
Role of CSR in achieving customers’ satisfaction and retention during COVID-19 and post-pandemic period: Empirical evidence from emerging nations
by Abdul Waheed, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Blending a sweet pill to swallow with TRIZ and industry talks for enhanced learning during the COVID-19 pandemic
by Poh Kiat Ng, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Organizational configurations in a crisis context: what archetypes in times of COVID-19 crisis?
by Bechir Mokline, Research Article (Openly Available)
Practical recommendations for a post COVID-19 resilient generation Z workforce
by Catarina Gomes, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
How older adults’ health beliefs affect intention to perform COVID-19 self-examination: A reasoned action approach
by Kim Piew Lai, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
The impact of ICT characteristics on students’ learning outcomes during COVID-19 lockdown period: The crucial role of techno eustress perception
by Anuragini Shirish, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Factors affecting social network use by students in Tunisia
by Hanen Khanchel, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Relocation trends determined by increasing risks in Eastern Europe: An ANP-TOPSIS approach
by Oana Panazan, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Informal workers in India as an economic shock absorber in the era of COVID-19: A study on policies and practices
by Minakshi Paliwal, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
The interrelations between micro-level CSR, Job engagement and organizational engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic: A PLSpredict model assessment
by Mei Peng Low, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)


IP white and grey journal cover with title in red letters   INFORMATION POLITY

A Special Editorial
by Albert Meijer and William Webster, Editorial (Openly Available) 

The COVID-19-crisis and the information polity: An overview of responses and discussions in twenty-one countries from six continents
by Albert Meijer and William Webster, et al., Review Article (Openly Available) 

Social media use in government health agencies: The COVID-19 impact
by Rodrigo Sandoval-Almazan and David Valle-Cruz, Research Article (Open Access)
National approaches for citizen data management in response to COVID-19: An overview and implications of contact tracing apps in 21 countries
by Lin Zhu, et al., Other (Openly Available)


ISU white cover with orange and blue design   INFORMATION SERVICES & USE

Reflections on NISO plus or scholarly communications pre-COVID – how the world has changed
by Sara Rouhi, Research Article (Open Access) 

mHealth wearables and smartphone health tracking apps: A changing privacy landscape
by Christine Suver and Ellen Kuwana, Research Article (Open Access) 
Opening doors to discovery: Partnerships are key to advancing open science
by Frank Vrancken Peeters, Research Article (Open Access) 
Mobile phone use for farm-related activities by ethnic minority farmers during the Covid-19 pandemic in Quang Tri Province, Central Vietnam
by Tran Cao Uy, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)


IDT red, white and blue journal cover   INTELLIGENT DECISION TECHNOLOGIES

Machine learning for psychological disorder prediction in Indians during COVID-19 nationwide lockdown
by Akshi Kumar, Research Article (Openly Available)

Special Issue on the COVID-19 Pandemic
by Gloria Phillips-Wren, et al., Editorial (Openly Available)
On the domain aided performance boosting technique for deep predictive networks: A COVID-19 scenario
by Soumya Jyoti Raychaudhuri and C. Narendra Babu, Research Article (Openly Available)
A review of intelligent medical imaging diagnosis for the COVID-19 infection
by Nikitha Saurabh and Jyothi Shetty, Research Article (Openly Available)
Graph analysis and clustering of proteins linked with COVID-19
by J. Susymary and P. Deepalakshmi, Research Article (Openly Available)
Fuzzy expert systems for prediction of ICU admission in patients with COVID-19
by A.A. Sadat Asl, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Diagnosis of COVID-19 based on chest X-ray images using pre-trained deep convolutional neural networks
by Vimal K. Shrivastava and Monoj K. Pradhan, Research Article (Openly Available)
Symptom based COVID-19 test recommendation system using machine learning technique
by Lakshmana Rao Kalabarige and Himabindu Maringanti, Research Article (Openly Available)
COV-ELM classifier: An extreme learning machine based identification of COVID-19 using chest X-ray images
by Sheetal Rajpal, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Attention-based bidirectional LSTM with embedding technique for classification of COVID-19 articles
by Rakesh Dutta and Mukta Majumder, Research Article (Openly Available)
Exploring the role of country social and medical characteristics in patient level mortality in COVID-19 pandemic using Unsupervised Learning
by Akshi Kumar, Research Article (Openly Available)
Architectures of analytics intelligent decision technologies systems (IDTS) for the COVID-19 pandemic
by Manuel Mora, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)



by Davide Bacciu, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)



School Closures During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Psychosocial Outcomes in Children – a Systematic Review
by Juliane Lehmann, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)



Soft computing and image processing techniques for COVID-19 prediction in lung CT scan images
by Neeraj Venkatasai L. Appari and Mahendra G. Kanojia, Research Article (Openly Available)


HIS cover  International Journal of Knowledge-based and Intelligent Engineering Systems

Machine learning approach for corona virus disease extrapolation: A case study
by Dileep Kumar Kadali, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)


JRS aqua blue journal cover with visual depicting weighing scales   INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RISK & SAFETY IN MEDICINE

Coronavirus drugs: Using plasma from recovered patients as a treatment for COVID-19
by Foada Alzoughool and Lo’ai Alanagreh, Article Commentary (Open Access) | View Press Release 

Risk of using hydroxychloroquine as a treatment of COVID-19
by Lo’ai Alanagreh, et al., Article Commentary (Open Access)

Some reflections on organizational profiles in Italy in the time of COVID-19
by Carlo Bottari, et al., Personal View (Open Access)

A risk balancing act – tourism competition using health leverage in the COVID-19 era
by Victor Grech, et al., Review Article (Openly Available) 

Does COVID-19 teach us anything for our future?
by Ivor Ralph Edwards and Marie Lindquist, Editorial (Openly Available)

COVID-19 and healthcare-associated infections
by Andrea Cioffi and Raffaella Rinaldi, Article Commentary (Openly Available)

Perspectives on COVID-19
by Arthur Dunkley, Article Commentary (Openly Available)

The issues of individualized medicine and pharmacovigilance: A consideration of COVID-19 and vaccination
by I. Ralph Edwards and Marie Lindquist, Editorial (Openly Available)

Safety of pharmacological options for the management of COVID-19 in pregnant women: An Indian perspective
by Kavita Manchanda, et al., Review Article (Openly Available)

Healthcare risk management during the SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic in the European Union: The guaranteed access to medicines
by Silvia Enríquez-Fernández and Carlos del Castillo-Rodríguez, Research Article (Openly Available)

An old entity, a new trigger: Post COVID-19 vaccine Pityriasis rubra pilaris
by Mukesh Kumar Sahni, et al., Case Report (Openly Available)
Social distance capacity to control the COVID-19 pandemic: A systematic review on time series analysis
by Omid Khosravizadeh, et al., Review Article (Openly Available)
Introduction to the Rome Declaration
by Fabiana Brigante, Research Article (Openly Available)
Obesity and immune system impairment: A global problem during the COVID-19 pandemic
by Rosa Manca, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
EU health co-design policies to counteract the COVID-19 pandemic effect promoting physical activity
by Luca Zambelli and Francesco Pegreffi, Research Article (Openly Available)
Predicaments during a period of health emergency: Waiving of patent protections or innovative public procurement? The example of advance purchase agreements (APA) for COVID-19 vaccines
by Nuria Garrido Cuenca, Research Article (Openly Available)
The social organization of science during the COVID-19 pandemic
by Manuela Fernández Pinto, Research Article (Openly Available)
Science funding policy and the COVID-19 pandemic
by Vlasta Sikimić, et al., Editorial (Openly Available)
Viruses without borders and the medical research agenda
by Jacob Stegenga, Research Article (Openly Available)
Global pandemic vaccine development, production and distribution challenges for the world population
by Rade Injac, Research Article (Openly Available)
Response to “An old entity, a new trigger: Post COVID-19 vaccine pityriasis rubra pilaris”
by Rujittika Mungmunpuntipantip and Viroj Wiwanitkit, Research Article (Openly Available)
Can the emergency response be coordinated?
by Federico Laus, Research Article (Openly Available)
Considerations on the sidelines of the second principle of the Rome Declaration: The challenge of the One Health concept on the health of the future
by Tommaso Di Paolo, Research Article (Openly Available)
Health protection and territorial health organization: The figure of the family and community nurse (IFeC)
by di Paco D’Onofrio, Research Article (Openly Available)
Gender medicine as a tool for implementing the right to health
by Francesca Rescigno, Research Article (Openly Available)
Approach to the management of COVID-19 patients: When home care can represent the best practice
by Gerardo Tricarico and Valter Travagli, Research Article (Openly Available)
Lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic: Improving initial investigations with the implementation of a COVID-19 blood request panel
by Lavandan Jegatheeswaran, et al., Research Article (Open Access)
Patients’ perception of personal protective equipment during the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic
by Aly Zaheer Pathan, et al., Research Article (Open Access)
Patient safety culture in a COVID-19 ICU compared to a clinical-surgical ICU in the Brazilian Eastern Amazon: A cross-sectional study
by Maria Luiza Rodrigues dos Santos, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)



Cues for athletes during the COVID-19 second wave
by Silvia Teodorescu, et al., Letter to the Editor (Openly Available)



Alzheimer’s Disease Patients in the Crosshairs of COVID-19
by George Perry, Editorial (Openly Available) 

Dementia in the COVID-19 Period
by Amos D. Korczyn, Editorial | Press Release (Openly Available) 

Neurobiology of COVID-19
by Majid Fotuhi, et al., Review Article (Openly Available)

Potential Novel Role of COVID-19 in Alzheimer’s Disease and Preventative Mitigation Strategies
by Sean X. Naughton, et al., Article Commentary (Openly Available)

Dementia Care in Times of COVID-19: Experience at Fundació ACE in Barcelona, Spain
by Alba Benaque, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

The Effects of Confinement on Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Alzheimer’s Disease During the COVID-19 Crisis
by Claire Boutoleau-Bretonnière, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Maximizing Safety in the Conduct of Alzheimer’s Disease Fluid Biomarker Research in the Era of COVID-19
by Suzanne E. Schindler, et al., Short Communication (Openly Available)

Telemedicine for Delivery of Care in Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration During COVID-19 Pandemic: Results from Southern Italy
by Rosa Capozzo, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Dementia Care in the Time of COVID-19 Pandemic
by Babak Tousi, Article Commentary (Openly Available)

Resilience of Alzheimer’s Disease to COVID-19
by Jingwen Li, et al., Research Article (Open Access)

COVID-19: Review of a 21st Century Pandemic from Etiology to Neuro-psychiatric Implications
by Vicky Yamamoto, et al., Review Article (Open Access)

Awareness of the COVID-19 Outbreak and Resultant Depressive Tendencies in Patients with Severe Alzheimer’s Disease
by Akito Tsugawa, et al., Article Commentary (Openly Available) | Press Release

Managing Clinical Trials for Alzheimer’s Disease During the COVID-19 Crisis: Experience at Fundació ACE in Barcelona, Spain
by Carla Abdelnour, et al., Research Article (Open Access)

Environmental Nanoparticles, SARS-CoV-2 Brain Involvement, and Potential Acceleration of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases in Young Urbanites Exposed to Air Pollution
by Lilian Calderón-Garcidueñas, et al., Review Article (Openly Available)

Cognitive Impairment Is a Common Comorbidity in Deceased COVID-19 Patients: A Hospital-Based Retrospective Cohort Study
by Paloma Martín-Jiménez, et al., Short Communication (Openly Available)

Death Rate Due to COVID-19 in Alzheimer’s Disease and Frontotemporal Dementia
by Jordi A. Matias-Guiu, et al., Short Communication (Openly Available)

Antivirals Against SARS-CoV2: Relevance to the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease
by Ruth F. Itzhaki, Article Commentary (Openly Available)

Burnout of Healthcare Workers in Acute Care Geriatric Facilities During the COVID-19 Crisis: An Online-Based Study
by Mohamad El Haj, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

COVID-19 Crisis Effects on Caregiver Distress in Neurocognitive Disorder
by Panagiotis Alexopoulos, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Alzheimer’s Disease and Face Masks in Times of COVID-19
by Roger Gil and Eva M. Arroyo-Anlló, Review Article (Openly Available)

Implementing Delirium Prevention in the Era of COVID-19
by Nila S. Radhakrishnan, et al., Short Communication (Openly Available)

The Impact of Dementia on the Clinical Outcome of COVID-19: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
by Nanyang Liu, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Effects of COVID-19 Home Confinement on Mental Health in Individuals with Increased Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
by Natalia Soldevila-Domenech, et al., Research Article (Open Access) | View Press Release

The Impact of a Global Pandemic on People Living with Dementia and Their Care Partners: Analysis of 417 Lived Experience Reports
by Mallorie T. Tam, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Needs of Dementia Family Caregivers in Spain During the COVID-19 Pandemic
by Nuria Carcavilla, et al., Short Communication (Openly Available)

COVID-19: Association Between Increase of Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia During Lockdown and Caregivers’ Poor Mental Health
by Elodie Pongan, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Patients with Dementia Associated with Increased Psychological Distress in Caregivers During the COVID-19 Pandemic
by Wyllians Vendramini Borelli, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Is the Frontal Lobe the Primary Target of SARS-CoV-2?
by Sofia Toniolo, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Clinical Features and Outcomes of Patients with Dementia Compared to an Aging Cohort Hospitalized During the Initial New York City COVID-19 Wave
by Amro A. Harb, et al., Research Article (Open Access) | Press Release

Impact of Social Isolation on People with Dementia and Their Family Caregivers
by Lílian Viana dos Santos Azevedo, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Dementia-Friendly “Design”: Impact on COVID-19 Death Rates in Long-Term Care Facilities Around the World
by Nancy L. Olson and Benedict C. Albensi, Research Article (Openly Available)

Higher Depression of Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease During than Before the Lockdown
by Mohamad El Haj, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) | Press Release

Separate and Unequal: A Time to Reimagine Dementia
by Pia Kontos, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Mental Health of People with Dementia During COVID-19 Pandemic: What Have We Learned from the First Wave?
by Céline Borg, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Dementia and COVID-19, a Bidirectional Liaison: Risk Factors, Biomarkers, and Optimal Health Care?
by Sofia Toniolo, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Supporting and Protecting People with Dementia in the COVID-19 Pandemic
by Giulia Remoli, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Brain Stress Mapping in COVID-19 Survivors Using MR Spectroscopy: New Avenue of Mental Health Status Monitoring
by Avantika Samkaria, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

The Effect of Prolonged Lockdown Due to COVID-19 on Greek Demented Patients of Different Stages and on Their Caregivers
by Angeliki Tsapanou, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

High Exhaustion in Geriatric Healthcare Professionals During the COVID-19 Second Lockdown
by Mohamad El Haj, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease: Risk Factors for 30-Day Mortality in Nursing Home Residents with COVID-19
by Jeanine J.S. Rutten, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
COVID-19 Case Fatality and Alzheimer’s Disease
by Qiang Zhang, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Analysis and Identification Genetic Effect of SARS-CoV-2 Infections to Alzheimer’s Disease Patients by Integrated Bioinformatics
by Fang Wang, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Impact of COVID-19 on ‘Living Well’ with Mild-to-Moderate Dementia in the Community: Findings from the IDEAL Cohort
by Linda Clare, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Caregiver Tele-Assistance for Reduction of Emotional Distress During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Psychological Support to Caregivers of People with Dementia: The Italian Experience
by Emanuela Rotondo, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Telemedicine in French Memory Clinics During the COVID-19 Pandemic
by Alexandre Morin, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Psychosocial Effects of COVID-19 Measures on (Pre-)Dementia Patients During Second Lockdown
by Els D. Bakker, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Association of Alzheimer’s Disease with COVID-19 Susceptibility and Severe Complications: A Nationwide Cohort Study
by Seok Jong Chung, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Clinical and Imaging Determinants of Neurocognitive Disorders in Post-Acute COVID-19 Patients with Cognitive Complaints
by Daniela Andriuta, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Prevalence and Safety of COVID-19 Vaccination in Community-Dwelling People with Dementia: Findings from a Tertiary Memory Clinic in Italy
by Martina Valletta, et al., Short Communication (Openly Available)
Neighborhood Social Cohesion and Dementia-Related Stigma Among Mothers of Adolescents in the Pre- and Current COVID-19 Period: An Observational Study Using Population-Based Cohort Data
by Miharu Nakanishi, et al., Short Communication (Openly Available)
Cognitive, Functional, and Emotional Changes During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Greek Patients with Neurocognitive Disorders
by Anna Tsiakiri, et al., Short Communication (Openly Available)
A Comparison of Well-Being of Carers of People with Dementia and Their Ability to Manage Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Findings from the IDEAL Study
by Laura D. Gamble, et al., Short Communication (Openly Available)
COVID-19 and Neurodegenerative Diseases: Prion-Like Spread and Long-Term Consequences
by Narjes Baazaoui and Khalid Iqbal, Review Article (Openly Available)
Incidence and Outcomes of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Older Adults Living with Dementia: A Population-Based Cohort Study
by Silvia Cascini, et al., Research Article (Open Access)
Association of COVID-19 with New-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease
by Lindsey Wang, et al., Short Communication (Openly Available)

COVID-19 as a Risk Factor for Alzheimer’s Disease
by Mahdieh Golzari-Sorkheh, et al., Review Article (Openly Available)

A Qualitative Study on the Experiences of Therapists Delivering the Promoting Activity, Independence and Stability in Early Dementia (PrAISED) Intervention During the COVID-19 Pandemic
by Alison Cowley, et al., Research Article (Open Access)

Is Dementia Associated with COVID-19 Mortality? A Multicenter Retrospective Cohort Study Conducted in 50 Hospitals in Germany
by Karel Kostev, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

COVID-19 and Alzheimer’s Disease: What Is the Connection?
by Ruth F. Itzhaki, Article Commentary (Openly Available)

Cognition Before and After COVID-19 Disease in Older Adults: An Exploratory Study
by Richard J. Caselli, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Risk Factors for Longer-Term Mortality in Discharged Patients with Dementia and SARS-CoV-2 Infection: A Matched Case-Control Study
by Shanquan Chen, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

In the Shadow of COVID-19: The Well-Being and Rights of People Living with Dementia in Finland During the Pandemic
by Kaijus Ervasti, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)



Dementia and COVID-19 Lockdown: More Than a Double Blow for Patients and Caregivers
by Raffaella Migliaccio and Arabella Bouzigues, Article Commentary (Open Access)

Neurologic and Immunologic Complications of COVID-19: Potential Long-Term Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s Disease
by Jack C. Lennon, Short Communication (Open Access)

Hallucinations in a Patient with Alzheimer’s Disease During the COVID-19 Crisis: A Case Study
by Mohamad El Haj, et al., Short Communication (Open Access) 

The Vagal Autonomic Pathway of COVID-19 at the Crossroad of Alzheimer’s Disease and Aging: A Review of Knowledge
by Claire-Marie Rangon, et al., Review Article (Open Access) 

Towards Understanding COVID-19: Molecular Insights, Co-infections, Associated Disorders, and Aging
by Elena L. Paley, Research Article (Open Access) 

Induction of Gut Microbial Tryptamine by SARS-CoV-2 in Nonhuman Primate Model Consistent with Tryptamine-Induced Model of Neurodegeneration
by Elena L. Paley, Research Article (Open Access) 
Cognitive and Functional Abilities in an Older Adult Veteran Before and After Contracting COVID-19
by Ronald Okolichany, et al., Case Report (Open Access) 
Mild Cognitive Disorder in Post-COVID-19 Syndrome: A Retrospective Cohort Study of 67,000 Primary Care Post-COVID Patients
by Jens Bohlken, et al., Research Article (Open Access) 

Living with Dementia During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Nationwide Survey Informing the American Experience
by Paul Arthur, et al., Short Communication (Open Access)

The Effects of SARS-CoV-2 Infection on the Cognitive Functioning of Patients with Pre-Existing Dementia
by Souvik Dubey, et al., Research Article (Open Access)

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease in a Patient with Previous COVID-19 Infection: "The Virus Caused the Derangement in My Brain"
by Deborah Leccese, et al., Short Communication (Open Access)



Feature selection by machine learning models to identify the public’s changing priorities during the COVID-19 pandemic
by Kenan Mengüç and Nezir Aydin, Research Article (Openly Available)



Gender differences in health anxiety and musculoskeletal symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic
by Muge Kirmizi, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Rehabilitation guidance for hip fracture patients during the COVID-19 pandemic using chat software: A new model
by Shuai-Shuai Gao, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Home-based rehabilitation in patients over 60 with stabilized ankylosing spondylitis during the COVID-19 pandemic
by Kyunghwan Cho and Austin Kang, Research Article (Openly Available)

Validity, inter-rater reliability, and feasibility of the Chelsea Physical Assessment Tool for assessing physical function in post-acute COVID-19 patients: A cross-sectional study
by Esra Giray, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Assessment of short- and long-term functionality and quality of life in patients with post-acute COVID-19 syndrome
by João Eduardo de Azevedo Vieira, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)



Point mutation of COVID-19 proteins: A study on noval coronavirus (nCov) correlation with MERS and H1N1 viruses and in silico investigation of nCoV proteins for future applications
by Akansha Kaushik, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Associated mucormycosis (CAM)
by Shivani Sachdeva, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Oral manifestations of COVID-19: A review
by Raju Anarthe, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)



Monsoon Impact on the Air Quality During SAR-CoV-2 Pandemic Spread in Central Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah: Pre, During and Post Lockdown Scenarios
by M.V. Prasanna and S. Chidambaram, Research Article (Openly Available)

A Long Term Observation of Meteorological Influence on COVID-19 Pandemic Spread in Malaysia – A Case Study
by Barry Ngumbang Lloyd and Prasanna Mohan Viswanathan, Research Article (Openly Available)



Impact of COVID-19 on latent emissiveness of residents in China: Based on the X-12-ARIMA additive seasonal adjustment model
by Lianlian Hou, Research Article (Openly Available)

How to promote COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control: A game theory analysis
by Jin Yan, Research Article (Openly Available)



Healthcare Delivery and Huntington’s Disease During the Time of COVID-19
by Anna C. Pfalzer, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 



Blockchain-based Digital Trust Mechanism: A Use Case of Cloud Manufacturing of LDS Syringes for COVID-19 Vaccination
by Trupti Rane and Jingwei Huang, Research Article (Openly Available) 


IFS stoney blue journal cover   JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT & FUZZY SYSTEMS

m-polar Neutrosophic Generalized Weighted and m-polar Neutrosophic Generalized Einstein Weighted Aggregation Operators to Diagnose Coronavirus (COVID-19)
by Masooma Raza Hashmi, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

Applications of virtual reality modeling language technology for COVID-19 pandemic
by Sun Weining and Zhao Cheli, Research Article (Openly Available) 

Traditional village protection based on big data under the impact of COVID-19
by Liu Zhaoguo, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

The impact of COVID-19 on the protection of rural traditional village
by Li Gang, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

Oil painting algorithm based on aesthetic criteria of genetic algorithm during COVID-19
by Xu Yingzhi and Yun Lu, Research Article (Openly Available) 

Security design and application of Internet of things based on asymmetric encryption algorithm and neural network for COVID-19
by Tang Yongjun, Research Article (Openly Available) 

Evaluation model of art internal auxiliary teaching quality based on artificial intelligence under the influence of COVID-19
by Luo Yuan, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

3D virtual visual plane design method based on ordered point sequence under the influence of COVID-19
by Zhang Qian, Research Article (Openly Available) 

Color recognition of design object of manual decoration element based on convolution neural network under the impact of COVID-19
by Li Guanggen and Andrew Matthews, Research Article (Openly Available) 

Video analysis method of basketball training assistant based on deep learning theory during COVID-19 spread
by Wan Guochen and Shan Feihong, Research Article (Openly Available) 

An ad-hoc network routing algorithm based on improved neural network under the influence of COVID-19
by Cui Kai, Research Article (Openly Available) 

Health data analysis based on multi-calculation of big data during COVID-19 pandemic
by Yang Bo and Wang Chunli, Research Article (Openly Available) 

A fuzzy control system for fitness service based on genetic algorithm during COVID-19 pandemic
by He Zhihui and LI Xiaofeng, Research Article (Openly Available) 

Prediction and comparison of the impact of COVID-19 epidemic on the financial industry of major countries based on neural intelligent algorithm
by Bin Wang and Qingyuan Zhou, Research Article (Openly Available)  

Association between China’s digital economy and labor education in post-pandemic of COVID-19 based on neural network
by Li Yongkang, Research Article (Openly Available) 

Integration of urban-rural planning and human geography for online education under the impact of COVID-19
by Ai Fengwei and Wang Nan, Research Article (Openly Available) 

Development of sports industry under the influence of COVID-19 epidemic situation based on big data
by Wang Yile and Zeng Dashuai, Research Article  (Openly Available)  

Big data analysis and empirical research on the financing and investment decision of companies after COVID-19 epidemic situation based on deep learning
by Jing Jing, Research Article (Openly Available) 

Microbial control of river pollution during COVID-19 pandemic based on big data analysis
by Hao Yan, Research Article (Openly Available) 

Application of intelligent virtual reality technology in Clothing virtual wear and color saturation after COVID-19 epidemic situation
by Meng Niu, Research Article (Openly Available) 

Application of semantic location awareness computing based on data mining in COVID-19 prevention and control system
by Xiaoming Wan, Research Article (Openly Available) 

Translation of news reports related to COVID-19 of Japanese Linguistics based on page link mining
by Liu Xiaohua, Research Article (Openly Available) 

A management of early warning and risk control based on data fusion for COVID-19
by Hongru Yan, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

The new bud light steel system and the geometric shape evolution of light steel framework for COVID-19 patients appointed hospital (Huoshenshan hospital)
by Lili Wang, Research Article (Openly Available) 

Fault diagnosis of high power grid wind turbine based on particle swarm optimization BP neural network during COVID-19 epidemic period
by Xi Chen, Research Article (Openly Available) 

Quality evaluation of practical training of innovative and entrepreneurial talents in universities based on statistical learning theory after COVID-19 epidemic
by Yun Hu, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

Energy conversion path and optimization model in COVID-19 under low carbon constraints based on statistical learning theory
by Wensheng Wang, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

Research on intelligent prevention and control of COVID-19 in China’s urban rail transit based on artificial intelligence and big data
by Qi Liu and Zhenzhen Huang, Research Article (Openly Available) 

An optimal control model of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in iraq: Deterministic and chance-constrained model
by Ali Khaleel Dhaiban and Baydaa Khalaf Jabbar, Research Article (Openly Available) 

An efficient technique for CT scan images classification of COVID-19
by Esraa Hassan, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

Quality evaluation of online courses during COVID-19 pandemic based on integrated FCE-AHP method
by Bin Tang, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

Fuzzy enhancement and deep hash layer based neural network to detect COVID-19
by Amita Nandal, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

Spherical bipolar fuzzy weighted multi-facility location modeling for mobile COVID-19 vaccination clinics
by Esra Çakır, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

A weakly supervised learning method based on attention fusion for COVID-19 segmentation in CT images
by Esra Çakır, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

Hyperparameters optimization for ResNet and Xception in the purpose of diagnosing COVID-19
by Hania H. Farag, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 
Fuzzy enhancement and deep hash layer based neural network to detect COVID-19
by Amita Nandal, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 
Quality evaluation of online courses during COVID-19 pandemic based on integrated FCE-AHP method
by Bin Tang, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 
Deep spatio-temporal emotion analysis of geo-tagged tweets for predicting location based communal emotion during COVID-19 lockdown
by M. Amsaprabhaa, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 
A new approach for modeling COVID-19 death data
by Muhammad Farooq, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Fuzzy fractional mathematical model of COVID-19 epidemic
by V. Padmapriya and M. Kaliyappan, Research Article (Openly Available)
Impact of air transportation on the spread of COVID-19 between countries based on system dynamics
by Chaofeng Wang, Research Article (Openly Available)
Artificial intelligence effectively predicts the COVID-19 death rate in different UK cities
by Reza Yarbakhsh, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
A novel transfer deep learning model with reinforcement-learning-based hyperparameter optimization for short-term load forecasting during the COVID-19 pandemic
by Shuai Zhang, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
A unified deep neuro-fuzzy approach for COVID-19 Twitter sentiment classification
by Aman Bahuguna, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
A new extension of fuzzy decision by opinion score method based on Fermatean fuzzy: A benchmarking COVID-19 machine learning methods
by Mahmood M. Salih, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Long short-term memory stacking model to predict the number of cases and deaths caused by COVID-19
by Filipe Fernandes, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
COVID-19 detection with x-ray images by using transfer learning
by Chandrakanta Mahanty, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Mathematical calculation of COVID-19 disease in Pakistan by emergency response modeling based on complex Pythagorean fuzzy information
by K. Rahman, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Vertex metric resolvability of COVID antiviral drug structures
by Yahya Alqahtani, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Recurrent neural network based sentiment analysis of social media data during corona pandemic under national lockdown
by Shana Jayachandran, et al., Research Article

Comparative analysis of some selected generative adversarial network models for image augmentation: a case study of COVID-19 x-ray and CT images
by Muhammad Ubale Kiru, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Multi-modal approach for COVID-19 detection using coughs and self-reported symptoms
by Khanh Nguyen-Trong, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Trust based COVID-19 vaccine distribution using blockchain technology
by R. Anand, Research Article (Openly Available)

A hybrid deep learning based approach for the prediction of social distancing among individuals in public places during Covid19 pandemic
by Santosh Kumar Sahoo, Research Article (Openly Available)

How to deal with irrational consumption behavior of residents under COVID-19?
by Guoqiang Zeng, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Diagnosis of Pulmonary Edema and covid-19 from CT slices using squirrel search algorithm, support vector machine and back propagation neural network
by R. Betshrine Rachel, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Novel neural network architecture using sharpened cosine similarity for robust classification of Covid-19, pneumonia and tuberculosis diseases from X-rays
by Elakkiya Balan, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Airline flight delays using artificial intelligence in COVID-19 with perspective analytics
by Faiza, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Study on population behavior under home quarantine policies of COVID-19 in China based on double-layer network evolutionary games
by Ruguo Fan, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

A compact CNN model for automated detection of COVID-19 using thorax x-ray images
by Tehreem Awan, et al., Research Article (Open Access)

Hybrid statistical and recurrent neural network architecture implementation in FPGA device used for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus detector
by V.M. Senthilkumar, et al., Research Article (Open Access)

Generalized plithogenic whole hypersoft set, PFHSS-Matrix, operators and applications as COVID-19 data structures
by Shazia Rana, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)



An Investigation into the Impact of COVID-19 on the Relationships Between Parents of Children Diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and the Cystic Fibrosis Multi-Disciplinary Team
by Steve Jones, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 


 NPM white journal cover with dusty pink design elements  JOURNAL OF NEONATAL-PERINATAL MEDICINE

The changing landscape of SARS-CoV-2: Implications for the maternal-infant dyad
by T.G. Elgin, et al., Research Article (Open Access) 

Management of the mother-infant dyad with suspected or confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection in a highly epidemic context
by C. Pietrasanta, et al., Article Commentary (Open Access)

A newborn with coronavirus (COVID-19) disease: A brief report
by Q. Rong and K. Abubakar, Case Report (Openly Available)

A closer look at the weekend effect and COVID-19 mortalities
by Q. Rong and K. Abubakar, Article Commentary (Openly Available)

Transmission of severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) through infant feeding and early care practices: A systematic review
by S. Kollikonda, et al., Article Commentary (Openly Available)

Vitamin K deficient bleeding and COVID-19: How are they related?
by J.J. Volpe, Research Article (Openly Available)
Preterm neonate delivered to COVID-19 positive mother on ECMO support
by P. Balasundaram, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Epidemiological characteristics of neonates born to mothers infected with COVID-19: A single-centre observational study
by T. Verulava and N. Galogre, Research Article (Openly Available)
COVID-19 pandemic lockdown effect on neonatal hospital admissions from the community
by A.C. Almeida, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
A case report: Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy & pneumonia in a neonate after SARS-CoV-2 intrauterine transmission
by R.R. Smith, et al., Case Report (Openly Available)
Case report: Fatal COVID-19 in a neonate after probable late intrauterine transmission
by T.G. Boyce, et al., Case Report (Openly Available)
COVID-19 via intrauterine transmission in a critically ill preterm infant: A case report
by J.C. Hisey, et al., Case Report (Openly Available)
Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in neonates associated with SARS-CoV-2 infection, a different entity?
by L.B. Gámez-González, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Multisystem inflammatory syndrome with persistent neutropenia in neonate exposed to SARS-CoV-2 virus: A case report and review of literature
by K. Diwakar, et al., Case Report (Openly Available)


JND red and blue journal cover   JOURNAL OF NEUROMUSCULAR DISEASES

COVID-19 in Refractory Myasthenia Gravis- A Case Report of Successful Outcome
by Swathi Beladakerea Ramaswamy and Raghav Govindarajan, Case Report (Open Access)

COVID-19 in a Cohort of Patients with Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome
by Setareh Alabaf, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Impact of SARS-CoV-2 Infection Among Non-Invasive Ventilated ALS Patients
by Miguel Oliveira Santos, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Understanding the Perseverance of the Muscular Dystrophy Community One-Year into the COVID-19 Pandemic
by Leann Lewis, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Telemedicine in Neuromuscular Diseases During Covid-19 Pandemic: ERN-NMD European Survey
by Lynda El-Hassar, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)


JPD red and white journal cover with a red flower   JOURNAL OF PARKINSON’S DISEASE

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Parkinson’s Disease: Hidden Sorrows and Emerging Opportunities
by Rick Hemlich and Bas Bloem, Article Commentary (Open Access) |  View Press Release

Recommendations for Deep Brain Stimulation Device Management During a Pandemic
by Svjetlana Miocinovic, et al., Article Commentary (Open Access)

COVID-19 and Parkinson’s Disease: Are We Dealing with Short-Term Impacts or Something Worse?
by Daniella Balduino Victorino, et al., Article Commentary  (Open Access) | View Press Release 

Implementation of Telemedicine for Urgent and Ongoing Healthcare for Patients with Parkinson’s Disease During the COVID-19 Pandemic: New Expectations for the Future
by Esther Cubo, et al., Editorial (Openly Available) 

Care, Convenience, Comfort, Confidentiality, and Contagion: The 5 C’s that Will Shape the Future of Telemedicine
by E. Ray Dorsey, et al., Article Commentary (Openly Available) 

Novel Outreach Program and Practical Strategies for Patients with Parkinsonism in the COVID-19 Pandemic
by Brianna Sennott, et al., Article Commentary (Openly Available)

Remote Administration of the MDS-UPDRS in the Time of COVID-19 and Beyond
by Ruth B. Schneider, et al., Letter (Openly Available)

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Psychological Distress, Physical Activity, and Symptom Severity in Parkinson’s Disease
by Anouk van der Heide, et al., Research Article (Open Access)

The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on People with Parkinson’s Disease
by Ethan G. Brown, et al., Research Article (Open Access)

Parkinsonism as a Third Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic?
by Leah C. Beauchamp, et al., Review Article (Open Access) | Press Release

Life with Parkinson’s Disease During the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Pressure Is “OFF”
by Trine Hørmann Thomsen, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Parkinson’s Disease and the COVID-19 Pandemic
by Conor Fearon and Alfonso Fasano, Research Article (Open Access)

COVID-19 Vaccination for Persons with Parkinson’s Disease: Light at the End of the Tunnel?
by Bastiaan R. Bloem, et al., Article Commentary (Open Access) | View Press Release

COVID-19 and Parkinson’s Disease: What Do We Know So Far?
by Carlo Alberto Artusi, et al., Review Article (Open Access) 

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Quality of Life of Patients with Parkinson’s Disease and Their Caregivers: A Single-Center Survey in Tochigi Prefecture
by Keisuke Suzuki, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

Negative Effects of COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Mandates on Physical Intervention Outcomes: A Preliminary Study
by John Michael Templeton, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

Barriers to Vaccination Among People with Parkinson’s Disease and Implications for COVID-19
by Tiffany Phanhdone, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

A New Era: The Growth of Video-Based Visits for Remote Management of Persons with Parkinson’s Disease
by Danielle N. Larson, et al., Research Article (Open Access) 

Global Perspective on Telemedicine for Parkinson’s Disease
by Ali Shalash, et al., Research Article (Open Access) 

Worsened Parkinson’s Disease Progression: Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic
by Christian Ineichen, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 
The Cause and Duration of Emergency Admissions to Hospital in People with Idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease, Under the Care of a UK Service, During the First Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic
by Penelope K. Ellis, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 



Where have all the children gone? Reflections on a flowerless “COVID” spring
by Renat Sukhov, et al., Letter (Openly Available) 

The actual and potential impact of the novel 2019 coronavirus on pediatric rehabilitation: A commentary and review of its effects and potential disparate influence on Black, Latinx and Native American marginalized populations in the United States
by Maurice G. Sholas, Article Commentary (Openly Available)

An opportunity for change in medical education amidst COVID-19: Perspective of a medical student
by Kiersten Kelly, Research Article (Openly Available)

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children with autism spectrum disorders
by Tiffany R. Bellomo, et al., Other (Openly Available) 

Why individuals with cerebral palsy are at higher risk for respiratory complications from COVID-19
by Joline E. Brandenburg, et al., Review Article (Openly Available)

Disparities and ethical considerations for children with tracheostomies during the COVID-19 pandemic
by Lulia A. Kana, et al., Other (Openly Available)

School reopening during COVID-19 pandemic: Considering students with disabilities
by Joline E. Brandenburg, et al., Short Communication (Openly Available) 

Navigating the ethical Scylla and Charybdis of the COVID vaccine
by Christian Vercler, Editorial (Openly Available)

Safe and effective medication utilization in pediatric patients requiring rehabilitation services during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2019
by Matthew McLaughlin, Editorial (Openly Available)

Editor-in-Chief’s Editorial to the Special Issue: COVID-19’s Impact on the Practice of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine
by Elaine L. PicoEditorial (Openly Available)

Telemedicine for pediatric physiatry: How social distancing can bring physicians and families closer together
by Renat Sukhov, et al., Review Article (Openly Available)

Pediatric telerehabilitation medicine: Making your virtual visits efficient, effective and fun
by Amy E. Rabatin, et al., Other (Openly Available)

Pediatric intrathecal baclofen management during the COVID-19 pandemic in the US and Canada
by Sruthi P. Thomas, et al., Short Communication (Openly Available)

A risk-stratified approach toward safely resuming OnabotulinumtoxinA injections based on dosing and ambulatory status in pediatric patients with cerebral palsy during the coronavirus pandemic of 2019 (COVID-19)
by Matthew J. McLaughlin, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Video visits and access to care in pediatric rehabilitation therapies in the time of a pandemic
by Jill Nulle and Virginia Simson Nelson, Short Communication (Openly Available)

Changes in the office for civil rights enforcement policy on telehealth remote communications in response to COVID-19
by Thomas J. Mortell and Austin T. Strobel, Short Communication (Openly Available)

Telehealth in pediatric rehabilitation medicine: A survey of clinician reported utilization and experience
by Anton Dietzen, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

COVID-19 and the need for disability conscious medical education, training, and practice
by Adrienne Doebrich, et al., Other (Openly Available)

COVID-19 pandemic: Early effects on pediatric rehabilitation medicine training
by Emily Kivlehan, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Pediatric neuromuscular disorders: Care considerations during the COVID-19 pandemic
by Anne Troike Stratton, et al., Other (Openly Available)

Children with disabilities in the United States and the COVID-19 pandemic
by Amy Houtrow, et al., Position Paper (Openly Available)

Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children and SARS-CoV-2: A scoping review
by Neha Panigrahy, et al., Review Article (Openly Available)

COVID-19: Lessons from a construction site, can we apply one industry safety protocol to another?
by Thomas Avice, Case Report (Openly Available)

The physiotherapy experience of managing patients with COVID-19
by Grace McKee, et al., Editorial (Openly Available)

To Mask or Not to Mask? That is the question
by Elaine L. Pico, Editorial (Openly Available)
Think globally, act locally: Quality improvement as a catalyst for COVID-19 related care during the transitional years
by Jonathan Castillo, Article Commentary (Openly Available)
Social media and the practice of pediatric physical medicine and rehabilitation in the COVID-19 pandemic: A new era in patient-care
by Mahfujul Haque, et al., Article Commentary (Openly Available)
First year impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on pediatric physiatrists
by Amy J. Houtrow, et al., Brief Report (Openly Available)

Decreased access to therapeutic services for children with disabilities during COVID-19 stay-at-home orders in Western Pennsylvania
by Tal Levin-Decanini, et al., Case Report (Openly Available)

Global COVID-19 childhood disability data coordination: A collaborative initiative of the international alliance of academies of childhood disability
by Verónica Schiariti, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)


RED journal cover (that is actually orange)   JOURNAL OF RESOURCES, ENERGY AND DEVELOPMENT

Environmental, Social, Governance Financing Goals in Post-COVID-19 World
by Ria Sinha and Mani Juneja, Research Article (Openly Available)



Learning from the COVID-19 pandemic in governing smart cities
by Manuel Pedro Rodríguez Bolívar, Research Article (Openly Available)



Audiovestibular symptoms and sequelae in COVID-19 patients
by Roberto Gallus, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Living with a vestibular disorder during the Covid-19 pandemic: An online survey study
by Laura Smith, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Epidemiology of patients with dizziness over a 3-year period, requiring utilization of the emergency medical serviced system: A pre- and post-COVID pandemic comparative study using the population-based ORION registry
by Koshi Ota, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)



Impact of COVID-19: Considerations for individuals with developmental disabilities across major life domains
by Kathy Sheppard-Jones, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Functional limitations and worrying to lose employment among individuals with chronic conditions and disabilities during COVID-19: A hierarchical logistic regression model
by Emre Umucu, Research Article (Openly Available)

Understanding the impact of isolation due to COVID-19 on employment for Kentuckians with spinal cord injuries
by Chithra Adams, et al.Research Article (Openly Available)

A tool to measure work adjustment in the post-pandemic economy: The Illinois work adjustment scale
by David R. Strauser, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Differential vocational rehabilitation service patterns and outcomes for transition-age youth with specific learning disabilities: Implications in the COVID-19 era
by Cahit Kaya, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Reframing workplace inclusion through the lens of universal design: Considerations for vocational rehabilitation professionals in the wake of COVID-19
by Kathleen Sheppard-Jones, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

The employment impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Americans with MS: Preliminary analysis
by Malachy Bishop and Stuart P. Rumrill, Research Article (Openly Available)

The resiliency of employees with intellectual and developmental disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic and economic shutdown: A retrospective review of employment files
by Carol Schall, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Introduction to the special issue: Employment and vocational rehabilitation considerations for people with disabilities during and after the COVID-19 pandemic
by Phillip D. Rumrill, et al., Editorial (Openly Available)

Multiple sclerosis in the COVID-19 Era: Vocational rehabilitation strategies to meet the needs of a growing and immune-vulnerable clientele
by Lynn C. Koch, et al., Review Article (Openly Available)

Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on college students with intellectual disabilities
by Gwendolyn C. Carey, et al., Review Article (Openly Available)
COVID-19 stress, resilience, and job loss concerns in people with chronic conditions and disabilities
by Roberta Thimbriel, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
The COVID-19 pandemic as a tipping point: The precarity of transition for students who receive special education and English language services
by Audrey Trainor, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)



Clinical and computed tomographic images characteristics in the patients with COVID-19 infection: What should radiologists need to know?
by Pinggui Lei, et al., Research Article (Open Access)

Analysis of thin-section CT in patients with coronavirus disease (COVID-19) after hospital discharge
by Jiangping Wei, et al., Research Article (Open Access) 

Clinical and radiological features of novel coronavirus pneumonia
by Qiuting Zheng, et al., Research Article (Open Access) 

Tailoring steroids in the treatment of COVID-19 pneumonia assisted by CT scans: Three case reports
by Ying Su, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)  

Dynamic CT assessment of disease change and prognosis of patients with moderate COVID-19 pneumonia
by Hua Zhang, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)  

Differentiating pneumonia with and without COVID-19 using chest CT images: from qualitative to quantitative
by Zicong Li, et al., Research Article (Open Access)

Identification of COVID-19 samples from chest X-Ray images using deep learning: A comparison of transfer learning approaches
by Md Mamunur Rahaman, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)  

A retrospective study of the initial chest CT imaging findings in 50 COVID-19 patients stratified by gender and age
by Qianbiao Gu, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)  

Detection of coronavirus disease from X-ray images using deep learning and transfer learning algorithms
by Saleh Albahli and Waleed Albattah, Research Article (Openly Available)  

Evaluation of dynamic lung changes during coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) by quantitative computed tomography
by Cong Shen, et al., Research Article (Open Access)  

Computer aid screening of COVID-19 using X-ray and CT scan images: An inner comparison
by Prabira Kumar Sethy, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)  

Screening of COVID-19 based on the extracted radiomics features from chest CT images
by Seyed Masoud Rezaeijo, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)  

Development of a novel computational method using computed tomography images for the early detection and severity classification of COVID-19 cases
by M.A. Abbas, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)  

Longitudinal changes of laboratory measurements after discharged from hospital in 268 COVID-19 pneumonia patients
by DeyYang Huang, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)  
Classification by a stacking model using CNN features for COVID-19 infection diagnosis
by Yavuz Selim Taspinar, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)  
UBNet: Deep learning-based approach for automatic X-ray image detection of pneumonia and COVID-19 patients
by Chomsin S. Widodo, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)  
Automatic detection of COVID-19 in chest radiographs using serially concatenated deep and handcrafted features
by S. Rajes Kannan, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 
Computer-aided COVID-19 diagnosis and a comparison of deep learners using augmented CXRs
by Asma Naseer, et al., Research Article (Open Access) 
Optimized chest X-ray image semantic segmentation networks for COVID-19 early detection
by Anandbabu Gopatoti and P. Vijayalakshmi, Research Article (Openly Available) 
An interpretable multi-task system for clinically applicable COVID-19 diagnosis using CXR
by Yan Zhuang, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 
MCSC-Net: COVID-19 detection using deep-Q-neural network classification with RFNN-based hybrid whale optimization
by Gerard Deepak, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

KCA orange hued journal cover   KIDNEY CANCER

Impact of SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic on Kidney Cancer Management
by Melissa Bersanelli and Camillo Porta, Systematic Review (Open Access)  

Twitter as a Tool to Spread Communication Regarding Genitourinary Cancers During the COVID-19 Pandemic
by Sabrina Salgia, et al., Research Article (Open Access)  



Comparative study of molecular docking, structural, electronic, vibrational and hydrogen bonding interactions on 4-hydroxybenzohydrazide and its newly designed derivative for COVID-19 protease
by Anoop Kumar Pandey, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Quantum processing of cytidine derivatives and evaluating their in silico interactions with the COVID-19 main protease
by Kun Harismah, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Amentoflavone derivatives against SARS-CoV-2 main protease (MPRO): An in silico study
by Rajib Hossain, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

DFT, molecular docking and ADME prediction of tenofovir drug as a promising therapeutic inhibitor of SARS-CoV-2 Mpro
by Siyamak Shahab, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)



Humankind versus virus: Are we winning the battle but losing the war?
by Antonio Vittorino Gaddi, et al., Article Commentary (Open Access)

Position paper of the Italian association of medical specialists in dietetics and clinical nutrition (ANSISA) on nutritional management of patients with COVID-19 disease
by Hellas Cena, et al., Position Paper (Open Access) | View Press Release

What about incorporating vitamins D and C supplementation in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19? The immune response pathway
by Bachir Benarba, et al., Letter (Openly Available)

Rosemary and its protective potencies against COVID-19 and other cytokine storm associated infections: A molecular review
by Amirabbas Shiravi, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Changes in nutrition and lifestyle habits during the COVID-19 pandemic in Turkey and the effects of healthy eating attitudes
by Aliye Özenoğlu, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
The Mediterranean diet: Healthy and sustainable dietary pattern in the time of Sars-Cov-2
by Carmela Bagnato, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
The role of zinc in the pathogenesis and treatment of COVID-19: A review
by Arezoo Rezazadeh, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
The difference in the dietary inflammatory index, functional food, and antioxidants intake between COVID-19 patients and healthy persons
by Mahsa Mohajeri, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
COVID-19 pandemic: Changes in the emotions, body weights and nutrition habits of individuals during social intervention measures
by Özlem Özpak Akkuş, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Health-related quality of life, Mediterranean diet, physical activity and socioeconomic factors of Greek adolescents during COVID-19: A cross sectional study
by Stamatina Papadaki and Vilelmine Carayanni, Research Article (Openly Available)
TGF – beta 2 enriched formula as oral nutritional supplement in patients hospitalized for COVID-19: A preliminary observational study
by Ilenia Grandone, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)


MAS grey cover with title text in deep pink   MODEL ASSISTED STATISTICS AND APPLICATIONS

Statistical Modeling of Pandemics
by Igor Mandel and Boris ZaslavskySpecial Issue Call for Papers (PDF)

A hybrid of artificial fneural network, exponential smoothing, and ARIMA models for COVID-19 time series forecasting
by Samir K. Safi and Olajide Idris Sanusi, Research Article (Openly Available)

Using the Weibull distribution to model COVID-19 epidemic data
by Vitor Hugo Moreau, Research Article (Openly Available)

Social network analysis and community detection on spread of COVID-19
by Ashani N. Wickramasinghe and Saman Muthukumarana, Research Article (Openly Available)

Modeling COVID-19 positivity rates and hospitalizations in Texas
by Ram C. Kafle, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Statistical methods for estimating cure fraction of COVID-19 patients in India
by E.P. Sreedevi and P.G. Sankaran, Research Article  (Openly Available) 

Inconsistencies in countries COVID-19 data revealed by Benford’s law
by Vitor Hugo Moreau, Research Article  (Openly Available) 

Inferences for generalized Topp-Leone distribution under dual generalized order statistics with applications to Engineering and COVID-19 data
by Devendra Kumar, et al., Research Article  (Openly Available) 

The Dual-Dagum family of distributions: Properties, regression and applications to COVID-19 data
by Elisângela Candeias Biazatti, et al., Research Article  (Openly Available) 


NRE aqua blue journal cover  NEUROREHABILITATION

What’s going on following acute COVID-19? Clinical characteristics of patients in an out-patient rehabilitation program
by Sergiu Albu, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

Changes in neurorehabilitation management during the COVID-19 pandemic: A scoping review
by Tramontano Marco, et al., Review Article (Openly Available) 

Neuropsychological manifestations of long COVID in hospitalized and non-hospitalized Brazilian Patients
by L.W. Braga, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 



The wellbeing of elderly people during COVID-19 pandemic: A narrative review
by Maria Gayatri, Research Article (Open Access) 



Telehealth in physiotherapy during the COVID-19 pandemic, the perspective of the service users: A cross-sectional survey
by Aisling Reynolds, et al., Research Article (Open Access) 

Early rehabilitation treatment in hospitalized patients with severe COVID-19: Effects on autonomy and quality of life
by Rosanna Izzo, et al., Research Article (Open Access) 
The physiotherapy experience of managing patients with COVID-19
by Grace McKee, et al., Editorial (Openly Available)



AhR and IDO1 in pathogenesis of COVID-19 and the “Systemic AhR Activation Syndrome” Translational review and therapeutic perspectives
by Waldemar A. Turski, et al., Research Article (Open Access) | View Press Release

Non-invasive brain microcurrent stimulation therapy of long-COVID-19 reduces vascular dysregulation and improves visual and cognitive impairment
by Bernhard A. Sabel, et al., Research Article (Open Access) | View Press Release


SW journal cover   SEMANTIC WEB

Representing COVID-19 information in collaborative knowledge graphs: The case of Wikidata
by Houcemeddine Turki, et al., Research Article (Open Access)


SJI white journal cover with green graph plot visual   STATISTICAL JOURNAL OF THE IAOS

Crises, politics, and statistics: Official Statistics in the context of the COVID-19 crisis
by Walter Radermacher and John Pullinger, Special Discussion (Openly Available) 

Editorial: COVID-19; official statistics during a pandemic
by Pieter Everaers, Editorial (Openly Available) 

Pandemic and official statistics; some comments on recent COVID-19 experiences
by Olav Ljones, Research Article (Open Access)

A study on the quality of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) official datasets
by Afshina Ashofteh and Jorge M. Bravo, Research Article (Open Access)

Official statistics in the search for solutions for living with COVID-19 and its consequences
by Lena Cook and Alistair Gray, Research Article (Open Access)

INSEE operations during the lockdown period
by Jean-Luc Tavernier, et al., Brief Report (Open Access)

Censuses of agriculture and COVID-19: Global situation and lessons
by Jairo Castano, Research Article (Openly Available) 

How COVID-19 is changing the world: A statistical perspective from the Committee for the Coordination of Statistical activities
by Haishan Fu, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on California farmworkers: Better local data collection and reporting will improve strategic response
by Edward KissamResearch Article (Open Access) 

Adaptive cluster sampling with model based approach for estimating total number of hidden COVID-19 carriers in Nigeria
by Olaniyi Mathew Olayiwola, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

In the pursuit of equity: COVID-19, data and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia
by Kalinda Griffiths, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

COVID-19 among American Indians and Alaska Natives in the United States: An early look
by Michele Connolly, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

Overview: The international group for indigenous health measurement and COVID-19
by Michele Connolly, et al., Research Article (Openly Available) 

Seasonal adjustment of Irish official statistics during the COVID-19 crisis
by Patrick Foley, Research Article (Openly Available)

Forecasting the spread and total size of confirmed and discharged cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria using an ARIMA model
by S. Agboola, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

The need for timely official statistics. The COVID-19 pandemic as a driver for innovation
by Sofie De Broe, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Robust official business statistics methodology during COVID-19-related and other economic downturns
by Paul Smith and Boris Lorenc, Research Article (Openly Available)
Monitoring the newly infected cases of COVID-19 data weekly: A Survival Data Analysis (SDA) perspective
by Ramachandran Ramasamy and Maniam Kaliannan, Research Article (Openly Available)

Estimating excess mortality in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic: Statistical methods adapted for rapid response in an evolving crisis
by Elham Sirag and Gautier Gissler, Research Article (Openly Available)

The Research and Development Survey (RANDS) during COVID-19
by Katherine E. Irimata and Paul J. Scanlon, Research Article (Openly Available)

Forecasting the number of intensive care beds occupied by COVID-19 patients through the use of Recurrent Neural Networks, mobility habits and epidemic spread data
by Emiliano Valente, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)
Assessment of the spread of COVID-19 in seven countries using a seasonal adjustment method
by Tetsuma Arita, Research Article (Openly Available)
Innovation during the COVID-19 crisis: Why it was more critical for official statistics than ever
by Emanuele Baldacci, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Official statistics: Providing data acumen in the advent and continuous presence of COVID-19
by Nureni Olawale Adeboye, et al., Research Article

Identifying and evaluating COVID-19 effects on short-term statistics
by Arnout van Delden, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)



Pandemic and disability: Challenges faced and role of technology
by Monnie Parida and Manjira Sinha, Research Article (Openly Available)


THC journal cover with purple, yellow and black design elements   TECHNOLOGY AND HEALTH CARE

Prediction and follow-up of risk factors for severe SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia and application of CT visual scoring
by Yingjian Ye, et al., Research Article (Open Access)

Temporal changes of quantitative CT findings from 102 patients with COVID-19 in Wuhan, China: A longitudinal study
by Xiaohui Chen, et al., Research Article (Open Access)

The human-AI scoring system: A new method for CT-based assessment of COVID-19 severity
by Mingzhu Liu, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Biotech value chain and technologies for COVID-19 research areas for collaboration on cost quality tradeoff with tool companies
by Christine C. Huttin, Short Communication (Openly Available)

EpidemiXs: Harnessing digital technology in the fight against COVID-19 and the associated infodemic
by Jeannine Lemaire, et al., Short Communication (Openly Available)

Detection of COVID-19 Infection in CT and X-ray images using transfer learning approach
by Alok Tiwari, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Association of COVID-19 patient’s condition with fasting blood glucose and body mass index: A retrospective study
by Li-Gang Song, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Severity detection of COVID-19 infection with machine learning of clinical records and CT images
by Fubao Zhu, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)


TUB blue journal banner   TUMOR BIOLOGY

The expression of hACE2 receptor protein and its involvement in SARS-CoV-2 entry, pathogenesis, and its application as potential therapeutic target
by Lobna Al-Zaidan, et al., Research Article (Open Access)


 WEB journal cover  WEB INTELLIGENCE

Causal inference for the impact of economic policy on financial and labour markets amid the COVID-19 pandemic
by Nhi N.Y. Vo, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)


WOR aqua blue journal cover   WORK 

Recommendations for working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic (and beyond)
by Sandra Lopez-Leon, et al., Article Commentary (Openly Available)

The most cited and co-cited COVID-19 articles: Knowledge base for rehabilitation team members
by Rafet Irmak, Research Article (Openly Available)

Modification of existing occupational therapeutic protocols in response to new normal life after COVID-19
by Sahar Soheili, et al., Letter (Openly Available)

Systematic infection control in Greek physiotherapy practices during the COVID-19 pandemic
by Eleftherios Paraskevopoulos and Maria Papandreou, Article Commentary (Openly Available)

Risk of COVID-19 infection in workplace settings and the use of personal protective equipment
by Leila Omidi, et al., Article Commentary (Openly Available)

Research on reducing burnout in health care workers in critical situations such as the COVID-19 outbreak
by Mohammad Babamiri, et al., Article Commentary (Openly Available)

Home-based exercises during the COVID-19 quarantine situation for office workers: A commentary
by Ardalan Shariat, et al., Article Commentary (Openly Available)

Practical, rapid, and cost-efficient interior architectural precautions for prevention of COVID-19 in the workplace
by Gurkan Ozenen, Article Commentary (Openly Available)

Home-based fundamental approach to alleviate low back pain using myofascial release, stretching, and spinal strengthening during the COVID-19 pandemic
by Ardalan Shariat, et al., Article Commentary (Openly Available)

Individual, interpersonal and economic challenges of underemployment in the wake of COVID-19
by Manjeet Kaur, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

A “new normal” following COVID-19 and the economic crisis: Using systems thinking to identify challenges and opportunities in disability, telework, and rehabilitation
by Tiago S. Jesus, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Research on the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic on work stress of returning workers in china: a study based on empirical analyses of industrial enterprises
by Qiang Yang, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Let’s get back to work: Preventive biological cycle management of COVID-19 in the workplace
by Mehdi Jahangiri, et al., Article Commentary (Openly Available)

A review of studies on the COVID-19 epidemic crisis disease with a preventive approach
by Maryam Feiz Arefi and Mohsen Poursadeqiyan, Article Commentary (Openly Available)

The role of Yoga in working from home during the COVID-19 global lockdown
by Kanupriya Sharma, et al., Article Commentary (Openly Available)

Novel stretching and strength-building exercise recommendations for computer-based workers during the COVID-19 quarantine
by Ardalan Shariat, et al., Article Commentary (Openly Available)

Rising incidence of musculoskeletal discomfort in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis
by Amirhossein Memari, et al., Article Commentary (Openly Available)

Potential benefits of yoga in pregnancy-related complications during the COVID-19 pandemic and implications for working women
by Pooja Nadholta, et al., Article Commentary (Openly Available)

Sedentary lifestyle among office workers and coronary heart disease risk factors due to the COVID-19 quarantine
by Mahboubeh Ghayour Najafabadi, et al., Article Commentary (Openly Available)

Knowledge and practice regarding prevention of COVID-19 among the Saudi Arabian population
by Ammar Ahmed Siddiqui, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Telehealth in school-based practice: Perceived viability to bridge global OT practitioner shortages prior to COVID-19 global health emergency
by Cynthia Abbott-Gaffney and Karen Jacobs, Research Article (Openly Available)

Human factors and ergonomics in the context of COVID-19: Planning for concepts insertion in a productive systems discipline
by Rosley Anholon, et al., Article Commentary (Openly Available)

The health effects of quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic
by Maryam Feiz Arefi, et al., Article Commentary (Openly Available)

Putting the world back to work: an expert system using big data and artificial intelligence in combating the spread of COVID-19 and similar contagious diseases
by Said Tkatek, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

E-Learning perception and satisfaction among health sciences students amid the COVID-19 pandemic
by Maria S. Abbasi, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

During COVID-19, which is more effective in work accident prevention behavior of healthcare professionals: Safety awareness or fatalism perception?
by Özgün Ünal, Research Article (Openly Available)

Ultrasonographic approach for a foot ganglion after sewing masks in COVID-19 pandemic: Blessing in disguise
by Laura Hrehová, et al., Case Report (Openly Available)

The effect of COVID-19 quarantine on physical and social parameters of physical education providers and youth sport coaches
by Sanaz Faraji, et al., Article Commentary (Openly Available)

Dilemma in the foreign lands during COVID-19: An outlook of expat health care professionals with a take on a social perspective
by Namdeo Prabhu and Rakhi Issrani, Research Article (Openly Available)

Self-perceived competency of the medical faculty for E-Teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic
by Shaur Sarfaraz, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Seafarers’ well-being in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic: A qualitative study
by Ana Slišković, Research Article (Openly Available)

The hierarchy of preventive measures to protect workers against the COVID-19 pandemic: A review
by Fatemeh Dehghani, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Was a global pandemic needed to adopt the use of telehealth in occupational therapy?
by Viktoria Hoel, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Ergonomics factors influencing school education during the COVID-19 pandemic: A literature review
by Mohammadreza Soltaninejad, et al., Article Commentary (Openly Available)

Telework and telerehabilitation programs for workers with a stroke during the COVID-19 pandemic: A commentary
by Vahideh Moradi, et al., Article Commentary (Openly Available)

The musculoskeletal problems and psychosocial status of teachers giving online education during the COVID-19 pandemic and preventive telerehabilitation for musculoskeletal problems
by Erdi Kayabinar, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Identifying factors that influenced wellbeing and learning effectiveness during the sudden transition into eLearning due to the COVID-19 lockdown
by Alessandro Naddeo, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Community health workers’ attitudes, practices and perceptions towards the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazilian low-income communities
by Nilson do Rosário Costa, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Investigating the relationship between occupation and SARS-CoV2
by Mehdi Sarailoo, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Can occupational therapy manpower be replaced with social robots in a singing group during COVID-19?
by Yin-huang Liao, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Occupational burnout among active physiotherapists working in clinical hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic in south-eastern Poland
by Bogumiła Pniak, et al, Research Article (Openly Available)

Demographic predictors of resilience among nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic
by Davood Afshari, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Assessment of knowledge and attitude of allied healthcare professionals about COVID-19 across Saudi Arabia
by Deepti Shrivastava, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

The mediating role of religiosity and hope for the effect of self-stigma on psychological well-being among COVID-19 patients
by Nawal A. Al Eid, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Evaluation of knowledge and health behavior of university of medical sciences students about the prevention of COVID-19
by Hamed Zandian, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Exploring the risk-taking tendency among migrant workers in the COVID-19 pandemic: The role of ontological security
by Qiang Yang, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Occupational health practices among dental care professionals before and during the COVID-19 pandemic
by Sean Banaee, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Nursing work intention, stress, and professionalism in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in Iran: A cross-sectional study
by Hamed Zandian, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

An assessment of ergonomic issues in the home offices of university employees sent home due to the COVID-19 pandemic
by Thomas Gerding, et al., Research Article (Openly Available)

Physician burnout and professional satisfaction in orthopedic surgeons during the COVID-19 Pandemic
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Disruptions in Global Supply Chains due to COVID 19
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Transdisciplinarity and the Future of Engineering   Transdisciplinarity and the Future of Engineering
   Advances in Transdisciplinary Engineering (book series vol.28)

Motivations to Participate in Transdisciplinary COVID-19 Projects
by Jana Sajdakova, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


yellow book cover of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments book series vol.28   INTELLIGENT ENVIRONMENTS 2020
   Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments (book series vol.28)

Innovation in a Time of Crisis – COVID-19 and Rapid Developments in Intelligent Environment Technologies
by Andreas Braun, Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Big Data and Pandemics: How to Strike Balance with Data Protection in the Age of GDPR
by Aiste Gerybaite and Paola Aurucci, Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases XXXIII   Information Modelling and Knowledge Bases XXXIII
   Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications (book series vol.343)

Towards Drug Repurposing for COVID-19 Treatment Using Literature-Based Discovery
by Marina Tropmann-Frick, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


Modern Management based on Big Data III    Modern Management based on Big Data III
   Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications (book series vol.352)

Gender Differences of Public Attitude to Government Guidance of COVID-19 Pandemic
by Qingli Man, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Investment Approach by Alpha Value: Case of Firms Listed on the Stock Market in Vietnam Period Before and After the Covid-19 Pandemic
by Anh Phong Nguyen, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


Artificial Intelligence Research and Development   Artificial Intelligence Research and Development
   Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications (book series vol.356)

Reducing the Learning Domain by Using Image Processing to Diagnose COVID-19 from X-Ray Image
by Maider Abad, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


Fuzzy Systems and Data Mining VIII   Fuzzy Systems and Data Mining VIII
   Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications (book series vol.358)

Comparison and Combination of Leaky ReLU and ReLU Activation Function and Three Optimizers on Deep CNN for COVID-19 Detection
by Almuzhidul Mujhid, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Data Visualization and Analysis with Machine Learning for the USA’s COVID-19 Prediction
by Man-Ching Yuen, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


machine   Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
   Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Applications (book series vol.360)

Attitudes Towards Online Learning During COVID-19: A Cluster and Sentiment Analyses
by Rex Bringula, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


   Progress in Marine Science and Technology (book series vol.6)

How COVID-19 Has Been Affecting the Overall Cruise Ship Design Paradigm
by Massimo Musio-Sale, et al., Research Article in Ebook 

The Inside Story of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Diamond Princess as the prime mover of Present and Future Ship Design
by Gennaro Arma and Angela Denise Peri, Research Article in Ebook 


cover of Studies in Health Technology and Informatics Book Series Vol.272   THE IMPORTANCE OF HEALTH INFORMATICS IN PUBLIC HEALTH DURING A PANDEMIC
   Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (book series vol.272)

Unsupervised Machine Learning for the Discovery of Latent Clusters in COVID-19 Patients Using Electronic Health Records
by Wanting Cui, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Application of Social Network Analysis of COVID-19 Related Tweets Mentioning Cannabis and Opioids to Gain Insights for Drug Abuse Research
by Sunmoo Yoon, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

E-Health in Norway Before and During the Initial Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic
by Rolf WynnResearch Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Setting up an Easy-to-Use Machine Learning Pipeline for Medical Decision Support: A Case Study for COVID-19 Diagnosis Based on Deep Learning with CT Scans
by Aikaterini Sakagianni, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Epidemiological Analysis of the COVID-19 Epidemic in Greece
by Stelios Zimeras, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Application of Topic Modeling to Tweets as the Foundation for Health Disparity Research for COVID-19
by Michelle Odlum, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Remote Monitoring of Patients in Quarantine in the Era of SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic
by Irene Karampela, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

An Analysis of the Growth in Uptake of OpenWHO’s Online Learning Resources for COVID-19
by Richelle George, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Global Access to OpenWHO’s Online Learning Resources for COVID-19
by Heini Utunen, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

The Importance of Health Informatics in Public Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic
by John Mantas, Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


cover of Studies in Health Technology and Informatics Book Series Vol.273   pHEALTH 2020
   Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (book series vol.273)

An eHealth Platform for the Holistic Management of COVID-19
by Angelina Kouroubali, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

COVID-19, the Swedish “Experiment”, and Me
by Jack Dowie, Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Survival Analysis of COVID-19 Patients in Russia Using Machine Learning
by Oleg Metsker, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Modelling of COVID-19 Morbidity in Russia
by Georgy Kopanitsa, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


 cover of Studies in Health Technology and Informatics Book Series Vol.275   INTEGRATED CITIZEN CENTERED DIGITAL HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE
   Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (book series vol.275)

Exploring the Social Drivers of Health During a Pandemic: Leveraging Knowledge Graphs and Population Trends in COVID-19
by Joao H. Bettencourt-Silva, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Implementing an Urban Public Health Observatory for (Near) Real-Time Surveillance for the COVID-19 Pandemic
by Whitney S. Brakefield, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Latent COVID-19 Clusters in Patients with Chronic Respiratory Conditions
by Wanting Cui, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Automatic Exploitation of YouTube Data: A Study of Videos Published by a French YouTuber During COVID-19 Quarantine in France
by Gery Laurent, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Reuse of Clinical COVID-19 Patient Data: Pre-Processing for Future Classification
by Elena Lazarova, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Typology-Based Analysis of COVID-19 Mobile Applications: Implications for Patient Empowerment
by Riikka Vuokko, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Health Informatics Solutions in Response to COVID-19: Preliminary Insights from an International Survey
by Seyedeh-Samin Barakati, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

User-Centred Design with a Remote Approach: Experiences from the Chronic Pain Project
by Berglind F. Smaradottir, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


 cover of Studies in Health Technology and Informatics Book Series Vol.276   HEALTHIER LIVES, DIGITALLY ENABLED
   Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (book series vol.276)

Digital Innovations for Aged Care: Impacts in the COVID-19 Pandemic
by Alan Taylor, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Not Well Enough to Attend Appointments: Telehealth Versus Health Marginalisation
by Maria A. Pinero De Plaza, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


 cover of Studies in Health Technology and Informatics Book Series Vol.277   TELEHEALTH INNOVATIONS IN REMOTE HEALTHCARE SERVICES DELIVERY
   Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (book series vol.277)

TeleCOVID-19: A Multifaceted Strategy from a Public Brazilian Telehealth Service During the COVID-19 Pandemic
by Maria Beatriz Moreira Alkmim, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


cover of Studies in Health Technology and Informatics Book Series Vol.279   NAVIGATING HEALTHCARE THROUGH CHALLENGING TIMES (dHEALTH 2021)
   Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (book series vol.279) 

Topic Discovery on Farsi, English, French, and Arabic Tweets Related to COVID-19 Using Text Mining Techniques
by Hamoon Jafarian, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Health Data Privacy in the COVID-19 Pandemic Context: Discourses on HIPAA
by Javad Pool, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Health Pandemic and Social Media: A Content Analysis of COVID-Related Posts on a Telegram Channel With More Than One Million Subscribers
by Simin Mehdipour, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


 SHTI book cover, volume 281   PUBLIC HEALTH AND INFORMATICS
   Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (book series vol.281)

Managing Visitor and Patient Flow During the COVID-19 Pandemic: ExpectingU App
by Frederic Ehrler, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Maintaining the Link Between Patients and Their Families During the COVID Pandemic Using Visio: Iterative Development and Evaluation
by Frederic Ehrler, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


 HTI 285 book cover   pHEALTH 2021
   Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (book series vol.285)

eHealth Turning Points as Forced by the COVID-19 Dramatic Experience
by Francesco Pinciroli, Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Sentiment Analysis on USA vs. New Zealand on Health and Safety Mandates During Early Stages of COVID-19 Pandemic
by Joshua Dales, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)
Predictive Modeling of COVID and non-COVID Pneumonia Trajectories
by Nikita Mramorov, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)
Toward an Agile System: Iranian Information System for COVID-19-Affected Patients Data Collection from Iranian Hospitals
by Somayeh Abedian, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)
Regulation Modelling and Analysis Using Machine Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Russia
by Egor Trofimov, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Detection of COVID-19 from Chest CT Images Using CNN with MLP Hybrid Model
by Sakthi Jaya Sundar Rajasekar, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


   Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (book series vol.286)

Opportunities to Improve COVID-19 Dashboard Designs for the Public
by Helen Monkman, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

"Japan LIVE Dashboard" for COVID-19: A Scalable Solution to Monitor Real-Time and Regional-Level Epidemic Case Data
by Wei Su, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Information Chaos: An Adapted Framework Describing Citizens' Experiences with Information During COVID-19
by Helen Monkman, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


   Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (book series vol.287)

Beyond the FAIRness of COVID-19 Data: What about Quality?
by Fabrizio Pecoraro and Daniela Luzi, Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) in a FAIR Metadata Registry for COVID-19 Research
by Sophie Anne Ines Klofenstein, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)
Improving the FAIRness of Health Studies in Germany: The German Central Health Study Hub COVID-19
by Johannes Darms, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Changes in Users Trends Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic on WHO’s Online Learning Platform
by Heini Utunen, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Network Analysis of COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation on Social Media
by Chad Melton, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


   Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (book series vol.289)

Gulf Cooperation Council Clinical Trials in the Pursuit of Medications for COVID-19
by Bassam Ali Jaber, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Public Sentiment Towards Vaccination After COVID-19 Outbreak in the Arab World
by Rafiul Biswas, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)
Reviewing and Content Analysis of Persian Language Mobile Health Apps for COVID-19 Management
by Leila Erfannia, et al, Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)
Mobile-Based Self-Care Application for COVID-19: Development Process Using the ADDIE Model
by Hamid Reza Saeidnia, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)
Minimization of the Drug and Gene Interactions in Polypharmacy Therapies Augmented with COVID-19 Medications
by Azra Lagumdzija-Kulenovic and Adnan Kulenovic, Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)
Introduction of the EU Digital COVID Certificate in Slovenia: Technological and Process Aspects
by Dalibor Stanimirovic and Lucija Tepej Jocic, Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)
Latent COVID-19 Clusters in Patients with Opioid Misuse
by Fatemeh Shah-Mohammadi, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)
Smartphone-Based Healthcare Apps for Older Adults in the COVID-19 Era: Heuristic Evaluation
by Hamid Reza Saeidnia, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)
Analyzing Topics and Sentiments from Twitter to Gain Insights to Refine Interventions for Family Caregivers of Persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD) During COVID-19 Pandemic
by Sunmoo Yoon, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)
Identification of COVID-19 Vaccines Concerns in Health-Related French Web Forums: A Topic Modelling Approach
by Pierre Karapetiantz, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)
Students’ Satisfaction and e-Learning Courses in Covid-19 Pandemic Era: A Case Study
by Leila Erfannia, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)
Multilingual Approach to COVID-19 Online Learning Response on
by Heini Utunen, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)
Use of Artificial Intelligence for Predicting COVID-19 Outcomes: A Scoping Review
by Jinyan Lyu, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)
Data Privacy, Regulations and Legal Issues on COVID-19 Tracking Apps: A Scoping Review
by Utoomporn Wongsin, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)
Cory COVID-Bot: An Evidence-Based Behavior Change Chatbot for COVID-19
by Simon T. Van Baal, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)
The Contribution of Informatics to Overcoming the COVID-19 Fake News Outbreak by Learning to Navigate the Infodemic
by Marianna Isaakidou and Marianna Diomidous, Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Pitfalls of Social Media in the Era of COVID-19 Pandemics
by Abdullah Alanazi, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


medinfo   MEDINFO 2021: One World, One Health – Global Partnership for Digital Innovation
   Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (book series vol.290)

Using Clinical Data Warehouse to Optimize the Vaccination Strategy Against COVID-19: A Use Case in France
by Julien Grosjean, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

An Improved Immunization Record to Support Vaccination During the COVID-19 Pandemic at a University Hospital in Argentina
by Juan M. Descalzo, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

MedSentinel – A Smart Sentinel for Biomedical Online Search Demonstrated by a COVID-19 Search
by Reto Schölly, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Tana, a Healthcare Chatbot to Help Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic at a University Hospital in Argentina
by Daniel A. Rizzato Lede, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

A Knowledge Graph of Mechanistic Associations Between COVID-19, Diabetes Mellitus, and Chronic Kidney Disease
by Michael Barrett, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Detecting Drug-Drug Interactions in COVID-19 Patients
by Eugene Jeong, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Evaluation of Telehealth Service for COVID-19 Outpatients: A Dashboard to Measure Healthcare Quality and Safety
by Ana Soledad Pedretti, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Telehealth and In-Person Visits: Implications from an Emergency Department in Argentina
by Maria Florencia Grande Ratti, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Assessing Patient Satisfaction with Teledermatology Implementation During the COVID-19 Pandemic
by Judy Hamad, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Telehealth Use in the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Retrospective Study of Prenatal Care
by Cheng Gao, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Latent Linguistic Motifs in Social Media Postings Resisting COVID-19 Misinformation
by Tavleen Singh, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

NLP-Assisted Pipeline for COVID-19 Core Outcome Set Identification Using
by Fatemeh Shah-Mohammadi, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

The Pitfalls of Using Open Data to Develop Deep Learning Solutions for COVID-19 Detection in Chest X-Rays
by Rachael Harkness, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Identifying New COVID-19 Variants from Spike Proteins Using Novelty Detection
by Sayantani Basu, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Tracing COVID-19 Infection Chains Within Healthcare Institutions – Another Brick in the Wall Against SARS-CoV-2
by Antje Wulff, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Linking Tweets Towards Geo-Localized Policies: COVID-19 Perspective
by Sheikh Saifur Rahman Jony, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Phylogenetic Analyses of SARS-CoV-2 Strains Reveal Its Link to the Spread of COVID-19 Across the Globe
by Shashata Sawmya, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

A User-Centered Evaluation of a COVID-19 Intelligent Query System (COVID-IQS)
by Danny T.Y. Wu, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Telemedicine Application and Assessment During the COVID-19 Pandemic
by Gustavo Marques Fernandes Bezerra, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Using Informatics to Engage Vulnerable Populations in Research: Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic
by George Demiris, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Simplified Community Based Telecare During the COVID-19 Pandemic
by Meghdeep Sen, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Network Analyses on Hyperlinked Online Resources for Dissemination of Clinical Evidence – Updates of COVID-19 Vaccine Information Over Time and Measuring the Freshness of Information
by Meredith Abrams, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

COVID 19 Care Call-in Helpline. A Report from India
by Naved Khan, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Telehealth Uptake into Primary Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic
by Cheng Gao, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

COVID-19 Geographical Maps and Clinical Data Warehouse PREDIMED
by Svetlana Artemova, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Sentiment Analysis of the Covid-19 Vaccines on Social Media
by Chad A. Melton, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

A Natural Language Processing Tool Offering Data Extraction for COVID-19 Related Information (DECOVRI)
by Paul M. Heider, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

A Comparative Analysis of Phenotypes Derived from Genes or Biomedical Literature in COVID-19
by Sophie Steenson, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

University Students’ Ability to Assess Misinformation About COVID-19
by Yulong Gu, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Health Information Systems Adaptation and Flexibility in Extreme Situations: The COVID Effect
by Giuliana Colussi, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


dHealth 2022   dHEALTH 2022
   Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (book series vol.293)

Fostering Fatigue-Management in People with Post-Acute COVID-19 Syndrome – Experiences with the “Untire” App
by Renate Ruckser-Scherb, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

An Easy-to-Use Platform for Reporting COVID-19 Patients by Private Offices and Clinics Without IT Support: A Pilot Study
by Farveh Sabermahani, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


Challenges of Trustable AI and Added-Value on Health   Challenges of Trustable AI and Added-Value on Health
   Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (book series vol.294)

AP-HP Health Data Space (AHDS) to the Test of the Covid-19 Pandemic
by Christel Daniel, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Analysis of Stroke Assistance in Covid-19 Pandemic by Process Mining Techniques
by Gabrielle dos Santos Leandro, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Implementing a Microservices Architecture for Predicting the Opinion of Twitter Users on COVID Vaccines
by Guillaume Guerdoux, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Conversational Agent to Address COVID-19 Infodemic: A Design-Based Research Approach
by Youness Zidoun, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Making EHRs Trustable: A Quality Analysis of EHR-Derived Datasets for COVID-19 Research
by Miguel Pedrera-Jimenez, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Building an i2b2-Based Population Repository for COVID-19 Research
by Miguel Pedrera-Jimenez, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Deep SNOMED CT Enabled Large Clinical Database About COVID-19
by Christophe Gaudet-Blavignac, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Using Big Data to Identify Impact of Asthma on Mortality in Patients with COVID-19
by Jinyan Lyu, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Influenza Screening Using Patient-Generated Health Data in Post COVID-19 Pandemic
by Hyunwoo Choo, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Implementing SNOMED CT in Open Software Solutions to Enhance the Findability of COVID-19 Questionnaires
by Carina Nina Vorisek, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Atlantes: Automated Health Related & COVID-19 Data Management for Use in Predictive Models
by George Vangelatos, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Discovery of COVID-19 Symptomatic Experience Reported by Twitter Users
by Keyuan Jiang, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Global Good Open Source Software Development in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic – Perspectives from SORMAS Implementation in Europe
by Candice Louw, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

The COVID-19 Data Exchange Platform of the German University Medicine
by Hans-Ulrich Prokosch, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Using FHIR to Support COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Electronic Case Reports in America
by Daniel A. Rizzato Lede, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Covid-19 Positivity Differences Among Patients of a Rural, Southern US State Hospital System Based on Population Density, Rural-Urban Classification, and Area Deprivation Index
by Lori Wong, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

CovidGraph: Integrating COVID-19 Data
by Ron Henkel, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Symptom-Based COVID19 Screening Model Combined with Surveillance Information
by Dohyung Lee, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

CyberPharmacovigilance of Covid-19: Social Media Data Analytics
by Eustache Muteba Ayumba, Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


Advances in Informatics, Management and Technology in Healthcare   Advances in Informatics, Management and Technology in Healthcare
   Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (book series vol.295)

Citizens’ Use of eHealth Services During COVID-19 in Relation to National Policy Goals
by Sabine Koch, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

The Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Review
by Mohammed D. Aldhoayan, Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

The Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health Services in Scotland, UK
by Elizabeth A. Cooke, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Physician Electronic Health Record Use and Burden at a Canadian Mental Health Hospital
by Brian Lo, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

The Utilization of Health Informatics Interventions in the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Scoping Review
by Amanda L. Joseph, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

COVID-BIOCHIP: A Web Tool to Analyse COVID-19 Antigen Microarrays
by Aurora Sucre, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Portable Health Clinic System for Maternal and Child Health Care in COVID-19 Pandemic Situation
by Rafiqul Islam, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Comparison of Non-AI and AI-Enabled M-Health Platforms for COVID-19 Self Screening in Indonesia
by Sekar Putri Andriani, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Using Logistic Regression to Predict Long COVID Conditions in Chronic Patients
by Adnan Kulenovic, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Inference Time of a CamemBERT Deep Learning Model for Sentiment Analysis of COVID Vaccines on Twitter
by Guillaume Guerdoux, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Evaluating Usability of Telehealth Sehhaty Application Used in Saudi Arabia During Covid-19
by Aisha Mohammad Dawood, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Assessing Disparities in COVID-19 Testing Using National COVID Cohort Collaborative
by Jinyan Lyu, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Need of Equity in Virtual Mental Health in Canada in the Times of COVID-19
by Bushra Kundi, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Clinical Trials on Alternative Medicines for COVID-19
by Bassam Ali Jaber, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Interactive Voice Response Service to Improve High School Students Covid-19 Literacy in Burkina Faso: A Usability Study
by Michel J. Some, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

The Transition to Distance Learning in the Era of Covid-19 Pandemic: The Perceptions and Experiences of Nursing Students
by Andriana Magdalinou, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Utilization of Digital Health Dashboards in Improving COVID-19 Vaccination Uptake, Accounting for Health Inequities
by Brianna M. White, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Investigating the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Economy and the Corresponding Entrepreneurship Support Measures in Europe
by Anastasia Babatsikou, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

2D Anatomical Structure for COVID-19 Medical Images
by Stelios Zimeras, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Intelligent Pervasive Monitoring Solution of COVID-19 Patients
by Christos Panagopoulos, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


   Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (book series vol.296)

CODEX Meets RACOON – A Concept for Collaborative Documentation of Clinical and Radiological COVID-19 Data
by Marvin Schmidt, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

EsteR – A Digital Toolkit for COVID-19 Decision Support in Local Health Authoritiesh
by Sonja Jäckle, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


   Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (book series vol.297)

Understanding the Quality of Life of Indian Elderly During COVID-19 Pandemic from Universal Design Perspective
by Iram and Gaurav Raheja, Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Methodologies for the Design of University Teaching Spaces in COVID-19 Regime
by Luca Marzi and Shirin Amini., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


Digital Professionalism in Health and Care: Developing the Workforce, Building the Future   Digital Professionalism in Health and Care: Developing the Workforce, Building the Future
   Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (book series vol.298)

Interdisciplinary Informatics to Support Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance of Respiratory Infectious Disease Including COVID-19: Donabedian Evaluation
by Carole Aspden, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


pHealth 2022   pHEALTH 2022
   Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (book series vol.299)

Risk Factors for COVID-19: A Systematic Mapping Study
by Paula A. Rosero, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

Management of Cancer Patients in the COVID-19 Crisis Using Telemedicine: A Systematic Review
by Fatemeh Salehi, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)


Achievements, Milestones and Challenges in Biomedical and Health Informatics   Achievements, Milestones and Challenges in Biomedical and Health Informatics
   Studies in Health Technology and Informatics (book series vol.300)

Surveys Aimed at General Citizens of the US and Japan About Their Attitudes Toward Electronic Medical Data Handling – 10 Years Change, Before and After Covid-19
by Michio Kimura, et al., Research Article in Ebook (Open Access)

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