We are dedicated to supporting evolving publishing and industry developments. Collaboration and the development of strong partnerships are integral to the delivery of our program and we do this through various initiatives.


We devote resources into investigating and developing cutting-edge technologies to support the advancement of science, in a sustainable way.
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Open Science

Our vision is to contribute in a meaningful and innovative way to a trustworthy scientific ecosystem that furthers our understanding of the world, and to do that we provide flexible services that elevate quality, accessibility, and impact of research. As such, we advocate open science to expedite the dissemination of the latest research and offer authors the option to publish open access in all our journals and books. Open access articles are freely available to read, download, and share. We have also made all COVID-19 content freely available.

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We are committed to a sustainable future and to developing and building on our own sustainable practices to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We support initiatives to raise awareness – such as being a signatory of the SDG Publishers Compact – and work to set priorities relating to SDG 5 (gender equality) and SDG 10 (reduced inequalities) in terms of diversity. We work with our journal editors to assess board membership in relation to gender and diversity, and consider our actions in terms of responsible production. We work to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment and manage our resources effectively for the good of our planet.

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Collaboration is at the heart of how we work. Listening and responding to our communities’ needs and wishes are important aspects of our business that enable us to continue to develop and offer relevant content, workflow tools, and services that nurture collaboration. We continually strive to develop partnerships so we can work together to implement best practices in emerging technology for applications in scholarly publishing, including open science and FAIR data principles. Partnerships help drive our innovation roadmap. The external alliances and networks with which we engage support evolving publishing industry initiatives and help us to attain our vision of contributing in a meaningful and innovative way to a trustworthy scientific ecosystem.

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Research & Development

As a technologically forward-looking organization, we support continuous investment in innovation. Guided by core values that strive to meet the highest professional standards, our business practices are straightforward, transparent, and ethical. We support robust peer review and submission systems, and we have developed proprietary software and journal-specific platforms – such as for Data Science, which has a number of distinctive features to maximize the transparency, speed, and quality with which results are published and made available for current and future reuse and interpretation (read more here). We prioritize accessibility and strive for advancements in semantic publishing focusing for the dissemination of scientific knowledge, and we are pleased to make our linked machine-readable metadata from all our journals and books publicly available via LD Connect.

IOS Press Labs

One place where we communicate the latest initiatives and updates on all these projects is our blogging platform.

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