Claims Policy

We will be pleased to supply free replacement copies to subscribers for missing or damaged journal issues. The details for submitting a claim are outlined in the policy below. 

Journal Claims Policy

  • Free replacement copies will be sent only if claims are made within 90 days of the order date or date of publication, whichever is later.
  • If you have not received an issue (for which you have made a payment), first check that it has been published in the IOS Press Content Library and be aware that the online versions of issues are accessible 3 weeks prior to the print version.
  • Claims for damaged copies are allowed within 90 days of the shipping date of the issue.
  • Claims filed due to insufficient (or no) notice of change of address will not be honored.

In order to correctly process your claim(s), there are a number of requirements:

  • IOS Press subscription order number must be mentioned (this number starts with IOS#).
  • Each claim should be submitted separately. Multiple claims on one form are not accepted; there should be only one IOS Press subscription order (this number starts with IOS#) per submitted claim.
  • A clear, detailed description of your claim should be given (journal name, missing volume/issue number, lost, or damaged in mail).

To submit a claim, click the button below to send an email. Please ensure your request includes the information as mentioned above as this will help to reduce unnecessary costs and delays. We will get back to you as soon as possible, and we aim to respond within 3 working days.

All subscriptions are entered on a calendar-year basis, with a common expiration date on the last day of the year (Dec 31).

If your claim does not meet the requirements of the policy mentioned above, you can order a replacement copy for €70/US$85 each, including shipping and handling costs. Please get in touch with our sales department via this contact form