Web at 25





IOS Press supports the Web at 25 celebrations

2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web. In the wake of packet switching and internet, the WWW, first conceived by Tim Berners Lee at CERN in March 1989, constituted one of the main innovations of our time. After the next great innovative step, the Mosaic browser in 1993, the world we live in has drastically changed. They are also motors of great changes to come.

IOS Press is joining the Web at 25 stakeholders, the Word Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the World Wide Web FoundationINRIA/ERCIMCERN and the Digital Enlightenment Forum, in celebrating the 25th anniversary of the web. IOS Press was established in 1987 on the basis of its founders’ work with “information society” publications at Elsevier in Amsterdam.

Academic publishers see the need for riding the crest of web developments. The future of science research, universities, libraries and publishers are dependent on these developments. IOS Press desires to be ahead of the game in becoming a web based publisher. IOS Press publishes the leading journal Semantic Web.

The web’s anniversary will be celebrated at several occasions and events globally in the coming years. Articles and presentations on the history and future of the web, offered as part of the Web at 25 year, will be recorded at this site, including a calendar of events.

IOS Press is represented in Web at 25 events (p.gijsbers@iospress.com).