Highlighted PPR Statistics Papers

A selection of papers on statistics from the journal Physiotherapy Practice and Research has been compiled. Please enjoy this selection of openly-available articles:

  1. The P value, do you know what it means? – Gissane, C.
  2. Extracting meaning from research – using confidence intervals – Gissane, C.
  3. What kind of data do I have? – Gissane, C.
  4. values in standard form – Gissane, C.
  5. Calculating values and 95% confidence intervals from data presented – Gissane, C.
  6. Standard deviations and standard errors, what do they do? – Gissane, C.
  7. How many will I need for this study? – Gissane, C.
  8. Is the data normally distributed? – Gissane, C.
  9. The abstract: A ‘three-star’ opportunity – McVeigh, J.G. | Basford, J.R.
  10. The problem of too many hypothesis tests – Gissane, C.
  11. How to present your data I: Graphs – Runswick, O.R. | Gissane, C.
  12. How to present your data II: Tables – Gissane, C. | Runswick, O.R.