Workshop Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Intelligent Environments


Wang, T.D.,
Augusto, J.C.,
Mikulecký, P.,
Callaghan, V.,
Cook, D.J.,
López-Cózar, R.,
O'Donoghue, J.,
Egerton, S.,
Johnson, B.D.,
Aghajan, H.,
Gardner, M.,
Ng, J.W.P.,
Poppe, R.,
Zamudio, V.,
Kovalchuk, Y.

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This book presents the workshop proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Intelligent Environments (IE 2011), held in Nottingham, United Kingdom, in July 2011. The workshops provide a forum for scientists, researchers and engineers from both industry and academia to engage in discussion on newly emerging or rapidly evolving topics which have yet to reach conferences or journals.

The seven workshops included in the conference address a diverse set of topics. The formats are equally diverse, ranging from lectures to practical sessions, and comprising over 80 presentations in total. The workshops and the areas they address are as follows: AITAmI’11, the special relevance of AI technology to the goals of ambient intelligence and practical applications; CS’11, the use of science fiction stories grounded in current science and engineering research as a means to motivate and direct research into new technologies; HCIAmI’11, an exploration of multidisciplinary human centric interfaces for ambient intelligence applications; IC’11, the next-generation intelligent campus environment; SciT’11, establishing a multidisciplinary forum using the creative arts as a means of conveying scientific achievements to a wider audience; SOOW’11, smart offices and other intelligent workplaces and finally, WISHWell’11, an exploration of pervasive healthcare technology solutions within the hospital and home.

Providing a picture of the latest ideas and innovations in the field, this book will be of interest to all those whose work involves the use or creation of intelligent environments.

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