Work and Family in the eWork Era


Cullen, K.,
Kordey, N.,
Schmidt, L.,
Gaboardi, E.

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This book is the first to study the effects of trends in work organizations in the Information Society on the work-family balance. Key changes are occurring in the place and time of work, supported by Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Globalization and the development of the 24-hour society have seen the rise in new eWorking arrangements, such as more work carried out from the home and an increased requirement for working at non-standard times. Such changes in the time and place of work have potentially profound implications for family life. More flexibility in time and place can offer new opportunities for work-family balance and add to the current repertoire of family-friendly options for the worker. But changes in the place and time of work may not always provide more flexibility or may have other downsides for family life.
This book presents the results of a study of these developments in four European countries - Ireland, Germany, Denmark and Italy - representing four quite different cultural contexts. It provides an analysis of key issues and trends, illustrated by over 90 in-depth case studies of eWorkers and their families. The cases cover key forms of eWork and types of family. The book is expected to be of interest to a wide audience, including policy-makers, employers and managers, trade unions and other organizations representing eWorkers and, of course, eWorkers and their families themselves.