Winning The Needed Change: Saving our Planet Earth

A Global Public Service


Pichardo Pagaza, I.,
Argyriades, D.

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Winning The Needed Change: Saving our Planet Earth represents the outcome of long deliberations and systematic exchanges among the several members of a truly global team. It reflects a diversity of viewpoints and makes no claim to finality. However, it represents an effort to carry the debate, which started with the establishment of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS), or arguably much earlier, one step further, onto the planetary level. It begins with an acknowledgement of the overarching role of the human factor in global governance and the critical importance of public service professionalism. It is hopefully only the first and one of many phases in the long, arduous process and worldwide debate, which is needed to elevate public service professionalism to a higher, global level. Cross-culturally conceived and written in three languages, this addition to the series of the IIAS on global governance issues is a must for any student or scholar of the subject, as well as a needed addition to university libraries and centres of research.