Well-known Formulas and Modified Applications


Ping, C.,
Chiniau, L.

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Most of the formulas that are currently used in Chinese clinical therapy have been known and employed since ancient times and perfected over the course of hundreds or even thousands of years.
Well-known Formulas and Modified Applications is unique in that it deals only with those formulas recorded in the classic texts of Traditional Chinese Medicine. These formulas are the crystallization of thousands of years of medical knowledge. They have been put to repeated tests, have been proven effective, and should be considered as the important part of prescriptions in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each of the formulas is discussed in three sections. The first section gives a general commentary on the primary formula itself, outlining its ingredients, compatibility, administration and function. The second section examines the clinical applications of each formula for the treatment of particular diseases. This section includes etiology and pathogenesis, manifestations, treatment principles and modification of the basic prescription. The third section outlines the derivative formulas and their applications.
This book can be used as a textbook for foreign students in Chinese Traditional Medicine and as a reference book for practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine both in China and abroad. It is also helpful for teachers and those who want to improve their clinical skills in prescription.