VSMM’98: Future Fusion

Application Realities for the Virtual Age


Thwaites, H.

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In the spirit of exploring the fusion between engineering, art and commerce in virtual reality and multimedia technologies, this book investigates the integration of technical excellence, creative innovation and industry and commercial development through real applications. It has four main sections: A technical, Creative, Industrial/Commercial and Virtual World heritage part.
The technical section of this book focuses on the research and development of virtual reality and multimedia technologies. Topics include human interface and sensing, immersive virtual environments, industrial applications, rapid prototyping, 3D measurement, virtual factories, medical and biological modeling and theory and entertainment and games.
The creative section explores VR and multimedia from an artistic viewpoint, offering contributions on innovative solutions, processes, critical debate and imaginative uses of technology. Main topics include exploration of creativity, artistic theory, methods and innovative applications through film, theme parks, games and other areas which use VR and multimedia technologies.
Within industry and commerce section, this book presents the development of critical issues relating to the industry and commercial side of virtual reality and multimedia. This section explores medical, moral, legal and political issues
Topics included in the Virtual World Heritage part are architectural and artifact construction, education, historical information presentation, restoration and tourism

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