Vision Modeling, and Visualization 2005


Greiner, G.,
Niemann, H.,
Hornegger, J.,
Stamminger, M.

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Vision, Modeling, and Visualization are complementary disciplines that are rapidly converging. Modeling of scene and object geometry, photometry, and statistical properties are essential in all three areas, and it is common sense that we will ultimately have one unified field. The declining cost and increasing power of processors, memory, graphics adapters and sensors continue to expand the scope of viable applications. New system solutions are in reach by combining state-of-the-art techniques from research areas that were traditionally separate. The thorough scientific treatment of the underlying principles is the prerequisite for such advanced systems.

The topics of this book: Segmentation and Feature Extraction, Image Understanding, Models from Video, Image Fusion, Direct Volume Rendering, Indirect Volume Rendering, Medical Visualization, Rendering on GPUs, Meshes, Image Based Modeling, Acquisition and Rendering of Specular Surfaces.