Virtual Context

Investigating the characteristics and opportunities of digital visualisation media for situated approaches to architectural design in an urban environment


Stellingwerff, M.

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Delft University Press



Design ideas and sketches, noted down via physical or digital means, are translated into a ‘Virtual Context’ allows those involved to ‘foresee’ what may come to be in the future, whereby constructions can be anticipated and prepared successfully.

This research project was intended to contribute to a greater understanding of the implications of ‘Virtual Context’. Points of view and viewpoints (both mental and on screen) are the central subjects of study.
This thesis presents a documentation of this exploration which was carried out by means of several smaller case studies and one larger final experiment. It began by focusing on emerging techniques, but gradually all sorts of human aspects gained prominence and began to play a considerable role in the research project as a whole.
Besides the relationships: man – media, architect – researcher, object – subject, this study attempts to address new ways to carry out research, to evaluate data and to draw conclusions.