Vascular Endothelium

Source and Target of Inflammatory Mediators


Catravas, J.D.,
Ryan, U.S.,
Callow, A.D.,
Simionescu, M.

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This is the seventh in a series of monographs on aspects of endothelial cell biology. All are derived from the proceedings of similarly titled NATO-sponsored Advanced Study Institutes. The book includes chapters on the clinical profile of important vascular diseases, such as pulmonary hypertension, atherosclerosis and stroke, as well as chapters in various underlying biological mechanisms. Present are in depth discussions on the role of endothelins, type 1, 2 and 3 nitric oxide synthases, guanyl cyclases, cadherins, pentraxins, various transcriptions factors regulating relevant gene activations, intracellular signaling molecules, thrombin and complement. Also discussed are regulatory processes, including apoptosis, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia, endothelial cell permeability, microvascular architecture, as well as exciting new advances in the management of atherosclerosis and stroke.