Utilizing Technology Transfer to Develop Small and Medium Enterprises


Bulumac, E.,
Bendis, R.A.

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The aim of the book is to underline that the countries of Central and Eastern Europe are trying to move aggressively to embrace market-based economies. In order to successfully transition, there must be cooperation between all stakeholders including, business (large and small), academia, and government (local and national). There are significant opportunities for scientific collaboration in Central and Eastern Europe and this NATO Conference enabled many countries to identify new potential partners to formulate mutually beneficial relationships. There needs to be a forum for regular dialogue and personal contact in order that the potential opportunities can be realized.
During the workshop sessions were outlined that the key to success in the “new economy” is the successful integration of science and technology into the strategic plan of each country, making certain that all partners leverage their human and financial resources to maximize return on scientific investment. Those countries that have the ability to analyze their S&T strengths nationally and match them to the regional and global economic opportunities will be able to compete more effectively in the future. Few countries have developed sophisticated plans that incorporate these elements, which causes them to be more reactive than proactive in implementation of their scientific plans of action, to the extent they exist.
In most developed countries, SMEs have better chances for success because their thinking and reaction are not constrained by national borders. As a factor that influences progress, technology transfer is one of the main drivers of economic growth in these giant economies.
The globalisation of Managerial Policy for Technology Transfer requires the achievement of a new balance between competition and co-operation.
Topics included also solutions for exploitation and transfer of technological innovation, new trends and future perspectives in technology transfer and training, and how to develop new enterprises through joint ventures.