User Acceptance of Health Telematics Applications

Education and Training in Health Telematics


Iakovidis, I.,
Maglavera, S.,
Trakatellis, A.

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This book discusses the acceptance of telematics applications by healthcare professionals. It focuses on education and training in health telematics. The book is supported by the Information Society Programme of the European Commission and the European People’s Party of the European Parliament. The contributions describe the current health telematics education programmes offered in universities, the continuing education programmes and the new ideas in training for the just in time learning. This book is the second part of the series of books on Acceptance of Telematics Applications by Healthcare Professionals. The first has focused on the existing Convincing cases and has also been published in the IOS Press series Studies in Health Technology and Informatics . The next book of this series will be devoted to the user-friendliness of the health telematics systems and its role in improving the user acceptance.

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