User Acceptance of Health Telematics Applications

Looking for Convincing Cases


Iakovidis, I.,
Maglavera, S.,
Trakatellis, A.

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This book contains examples of “convincing cases” that were selected from all over Europe and presented by experienced users and healthcare decision-makers. These examples are based on successful cases of implementation of health telematics applications and services such as electronic healthcare records and hospital information systems, specialised departmental systems, emergency telemedicine, and regional healthcare networks. Examples of experiences relating to medical informatics education are also included since the education is a crucial factor in the area of user acceptance. Cases of successful promotion of good quality applications and other issues related to users and technology are included in the last section.

The readers will find qualitative and quantitative descriptions of many useful experiences of implementation and use of health telematics systems and services. The text of many of the papers is very rich in quantitative analysis and statistics providing good source of reference

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