Transportation Security Against Terrorism


Özen, Ç.,
Tahmisoglu, M.

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Even a cursory review of the numerous hijacking, train and bus bombings can establish beyond doubt that transport systems are particularly vulnerable targets of terrorist attack. To confront and seek remedies for this problem the Transportation Security against Terrorism Advanced Research Workshop took place 05-06 May 2008 at the Merkez Officers’ Club conference venue in Ankara. Although the papers in this edition – which is an overview of the discussions held at the workshop – present diverse and interdisciplinary views, the need to better understand terrorism and its effects on transportation infrastructure emerges as a common view. Due to increased globalization transportation networks are becoming more and more accessible to a growing group of people, some with questionable intentions. Transportation systems are also becoming more and more interlinked with one another requiring fro states to cooperate both during crises and before emergency situations emerge. The editors hope that this book will lay the groundwork for a theoretical and practical understanding of the issues that surround transportation security against terrorism.

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