Toxicogenomics and Proteomics


Valdes, J.J.

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The field of toxicology has developed a well-characterized set of techniques to assess the behavioral and histopathological consequences of exposure to environmental insults using a number of animal models. These techniques are suitable for determining crude endpoints of exposure such as death, but are not optimal for assessing the more subtle effects of very low level or multi-agent chemical exposures, nor do they offer mechanistic explanations at the molecular level. This book is designed to have a mix of chapters devoted to classical toxicology followed by those focused more on the emerging techniques of toxicogenomics and proteomics. In this way, the relevance of new technologies such as gene arrays to classical toxicologic problems is made evident. Finally, because the worst of the world’s toxicology problems reside in developing nations while the latest technical developments are occurring in the industrial nations, we sought to provide a balance of both scientific and geographical perspectives from researchers engaged in toxicology and public health research.