Towards the Future Internet

Emerging Trends from European Research


Tselentis, G.,
Galis, A.,
Gavras, A.,
Krco, S.,
Lotz, V.,
Zahariadis, T.,
Simperl, E.,
Stiller, B.

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“The way the book is structured and enhanced makes it an ideal reference book for managers, academics, researchers and system designers in the communications field.”
- Harry Skianis, Computing Reviews (about the 2009 edition of Towards the Future Internet)

This peer-reviewed book contains papers describing the major scientific achievements supported by European funding in the area of Future Internet. It is published in the context of FIA, the Future Internet Assembly, which is structured to permit interactions across technical domains from researchers and other stakeholders active in Future Internet research. FIA holds two meetings per year and calls on those involved in relevant funded research projects to participate actively and to steer its work.

European scientists proved that they are at the forefront of Internet research already since the invention of the web. But the challenges are huge and complex and cannot be dealt with in isolation. The European Future Internet Assembly is the vehicle to a fruitful scientific dialogue, bringing together the different scientific disciplines that contribute to the Future Internet development.

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