Towards a Sustainable Northern European Housing Stock

Figures, Facts and Future


Meijer, F.,
Itard, L.

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Delft University Press


Never were energy use and security of energy supply as high on the international political agendas as they are now. There seems to be a consensus that energy savings and sustainable energy production must have a high priority. Because the energy use in the residential and non-residential sectors account for a large part of the total energy use, new programs are being developed in order to limit the consumption of energy in these sectors and a lot of attention is put into increasing the energy efficiency of the existing building stock. Towards a Sustainable Northern European Housing Stock is based on a search and inventory of data on the existing Northern-European building stock and related policy developments. In this book, the authors try to give a realistic image of what is really known about the current quality of the building stock, the type of renovation activities that are undertaken and the policies being currently implemented. Recommendations are also made on how to improve the present situation.