Topics in Logic, Philosophy and Foundations of Mathematics and Computer Science

In Recognition of Professor Andrzej Grzegorczyk


Marek, V.W.,
Krajewski, S.,
Mirkowska, G.,
Salwicki, A.,
Woleński, J.

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(second printing 2011)


This volume honors Professor Andrzej Grzegorczyk, the nestor of Polish logicians, on his 85th anniversary. The editors would like to express the respect and sympathy they have for him. His textbook The Outline of Mathematical Logic has been published in many editions and translated into several languages. It was this textbook that introduced many of us into the world of mathematical logic. Professor Grzegorczyk has made fundamental contributions to logic and to philosophy. His results, mainly on hierarchy of primitive recursive functions, known as the Grzegorczyk hierarchy, are of fundamental importance to theoretical computer science. In particular, they were precursory for the computational complexity theory. The editors would like to stress that this special publication celebrates a scientist who is still actively pursuing genuinely innovative directions of research. Quite recently, Andrzej Grzegorczyk gave a new proof of undecidability of the first order functional calculus. His proof does not use the arithmetization of Kurt Gödel. In recognition of his merits, the University of Clermont-Ferrand conferred to Professor Andrzej Grzegorczyk the Doctorat Honoris Causa. The work and life of Professor Andrzej Grzegorczyk is presented in the article by Professors Stanisław Krajewski and Jan Woleński. The papers in this collection have been submitted on invitational basis.