The Waseda University E-Government Rankings


Obi, T.

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The Waseda University Institute of e-Government has released the 2009 Waseda University International e-Government Rankings, marking the fifth consecutive year of monitoring the development of e-Government worldwide. This continues to be the main e-Government benchmarking initiative in the Asian Region.

Prof. Dr. Toshio Obi, Director of the Institute, based in Tokyo, leader of the research team that prepared the report, noted the increasing importance of e-Government in a scenario characterized by the global financial crisis, as well as raised concerns about environmental issues. Professor Obi indicated that ICT can be used as tools to face these issues and others related to consolidation of an inclusive Information Societies. Governments are key actors in this is well documented by developments in e-Government in the past five years illustrates the results of efforts carried out to build a citizen-oriented civil societies. The Rankings include 34 countries and jurisdictions. The top ten are: (1) Singapore, (2) United States, (3) Sweden, (4) United Kingdom, (5) Japan and Korea, (7) Canada, (8) Taiwan, (9) Finland, (10) Italy and Germany.

In this fifth edition of the Ranking, the existing benchmarking indicators were reviewed and improved. These include: network preparedness, required interface-functioning applications, management optimization, National Portal, CIOs in government and e-Government promotion with 28 specific indicators. This research analyzes the development of websites and ICT at governmental level, as well as the relationship between government and stakeholders.