The Urban Project

Architectural Intervention in Urban Areas


Claessens, F.,
Van Duin, L.,
Engel, H.,
Cavallo, R.

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Delft University Press



With the publication of The Urban Project containing the results of the preceding conference, the editors hope to reach a wide audience by sharing the fruitful output of ideas, thoughts and discussions presented there. The experiences summarized in this book are particularly significant to everybody involved in design, building, thinking and managing the urban scene. The conference focused mainly on the field of tension between science, technology and art. The scope can be grouped into three major themes: research by design: design studies that investigate the spatial potential for transformation and renewal of specific urban sites by means of concrete projects; understanding urban and metropolitan form: analytical studies that investigate aspects of form and matter of urban and metropolitan areas together with the dynamics of its transformation; and research, design and education: experiments and experiences with ‘research driven education’ in the fields of architectural an urban design, relating urban analysis and architectural design.