The Turning World

Globalisation and Governance at the Start of the 21st Century


Bertucci, G.,
Duggett, M.

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It is the task of the IIAS and the UNDESA to track and focus on changes in the atmosphere of world governance and public administration. It can clearly be argued that the existence and the work of bodies like UNDESA and IIAS are themselves a consequence of a process that now goes by the contested and contentious term globalisation. Many of the institutions that are in the frontline of the conflict for peace today, came into existence through the experiences from the most recent century. Unlike those of the 19th century, they do not proclaim one way, one language or one approach, and this is probably why we are sure that they may be more successful in the end. International bodies must respect diversity and humanity. The work of public administration, which both UNDESA and the IIAS support and promulgate, may appear trivial in this context, a moving deck-chair on a sinking ship. We, of course, do not agree. We do believe that a new prestige has been earned by many public servants whether public or private, they are performing a public good who are in the eye of the storm of globalisation, in the centre of the turning world.