The interaction between diesel engines, ship and propellers during manoevring


Schulten, P.

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Delft University Press


One single action can trigger a sequence of events. The consequences of actions are unpredictable and can be unexpectedly large. Every action man or mankind undertakes has a sometimes surprisingly large but ultimately unknown effect on the course of the world. Only if the action and surroundings are extremely simple (e.g. not complex), a short term prediction can be made.

Reading the above, the question arises what the purpose of human action and science then is. Why act in this world when the outcome of the action is unpredictable and why investigate technically complex systems if these investigations do not result in clear, immediately usable conclusions? The answer of course is that, although the outcome is unpredictable, our actions and investigations do have an effect. We have a moral obligation toward our fellow man and to the future generations to push the world in the right direction, to learn, to investigate and to try to create a better place than it is today, however uncertain and difficult the road is we have to take.

In this thesis it is investigated how the wake in a turn, via the propeller, works through to the inner variables of the diesel engine. By combining measurements with analytical models the author managee to shed a little bit of light on this complex system.