The Future Envelope 1

A Multidisciplinary Approach


Knaack, U.,
Klein, T.

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Delft University Press



Façades convey the image of new architecture. Today the planning of this very complex building component requires a collaboration of many specialists. A multitude of possibilities are being projected into the building envelope. Design, visionary construction, new materials, the desire to achieve optimum energy performance or even energy generation all meet with predominantly conventional crafts.
What is the future of the façade and how can we get there? What are current trends and future developments? Experts from the fields of architecture, structural and climate design, material science, construction and product development, industry, planning and building innovations will reflect on current projects and their vision for the future.
The aim of this publication is to make the reader feel challenged to join the creativity or to evaluate own ideas about the future in order to keep the discussion alive. Every contribution is of relevance as long as it sincerely supports future development. Universities have, of course, a special mission to take the lead in developing long term visions and future scenarios in order to create a fecund soil for breakthroughs for the benefit of the entire building industry. This book is an inspiring example of just that.