The European Context for Assistive Technology


Placencia Porrero, I.,
Puig De La Bellacasa, R.

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(reprinted 2005)



This book reports on the second congress organised by TIDE (Technology Initiative for Disabled and Elderly People), a Community Programme dealing with subjects that were part of the European Union's Fourth Framework Programme of research, technological development
and demonstrations. The books covers three major areas:
the R&D activities and the effectiveness of Assistive Technology products and services;
dealing with selected factors of paramount importance for the harmonious progress of the AT market and related services in Europe, social, legal and economic factors, information and service delivery, industrial interaction, co-operation and transfer, market issues and technology trends;
advanced research and development projects and methodological innovations.
Other areas are: multimedia, virtual reality, sensors, alternative displays, augmentative and alternative communication, hearing and speech, orientation and navigation, robotics, electronic documents, intelligent environments, telecommunications and broadcasting and gesture analysis.