The European City

Architectural Interventions and Urban Transformations


Claessens, F.,
Van Duin, L.

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Delft University Press


(second printing 2006)



The EAAE conference and 'European City' international conference was jointly organized by the Delft University of Technology and the Antwerp Higher Institute of Architectural Sciences Henry van de Velde. This collection is not only valuable to academic specialists in the field but also, or even more so, to everybody involved in the field of designing, building and managing the built urban environment. The opening lecture of the conference chairman is the opening chapter, followed by Part I, containing the contributions of the keynote speakers. Part II collects the paper presentations by the individual participants, thematically organized according to the three main conference themes: typo-morphological, research by design and theoretical studies. These studies are divided into eleven subsections: city and territory; block and public building; block and dwelling; urban morphology; urban and public space; architectural projects; urban and landscape projects; methods and techniques of analysis; methods and techniques of design; the urban question; urban reflections - time, memory, identity. The second Part is followed by a text that discusses the exhibition 'drawings of the city' that was presented at the Faculty of Architecture in Delft during the conference. It reflects on different forms of research on the city and its architecture conducted by means of drawing. The book concludes with a conference declaration that was the result of a plenary closing session where the chair people of the different sessions formulated and discussed their conclusions with the participants.