Terrorism and the Internet

Threats — Target Groups — Deradicalisation Strategies


Sharan, Y.,
Ahituv, N.,
Rapp, C.,
Dienel, H.-L.

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This is the first book to analyze the abuse of the internet for terrorism and crime purposes under two new perspectives: (1) The persuasion and involvement of women and children as specific target user groups, and (2) The development of new strategies to use extremist web forums as an open book in order to understand and gain insight into terrorist thinking. Web2.0 can be even more: an open door for dialogue, deradicalisation and ultimately a way out of the cocoon of terroristic isolation. This book presents the results of a unique cooperation between Israeli and German research centers with outstanding contributions to innovative security research. Two international conferences in Berlin in 2008 brought together worldwide leading authors both from academia and government. Most recent research results challenge the actual treatment of terroristic web forums by governmental agencies. This remarkable publication will open your eyes both on the real risks of terroristic web activities and new counter strategies from analysis to dialogue.

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