Tenth Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence

SCAI 2008


Holst, A.,
Kreuger, P.,
Funk, P.

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The Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence continues a tradition of being one of the most important regional AI conferences in Europe for ten years now. The topics of this year’s contributions have a broad range, from machine learning, knowledge representation, robotics, planning and scheduling, natural language, computer vision, search algorithms, industrial applications, to philosophical foundations. These contributions exemplify the diversity of research in artificial intelligence today and confirm the achievement and magnitude of 25 years AI research in Scandinavia.
In this tenth edition there will be an overview of the past, present and future of artificial intelligence. Furthermore, attention will be paid to the industrial aspects of artificial intelligence and the impressions from Swedish AI through the years. Other topics discussed are biosurveillance and an elaboration on probalistic modelling and learning in a relational world.

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