Telecommunications, Teleimmersion and Telexistence


Tachi, S.

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The 21st century idea of an extension of the telephone, one in which people feel they are together in a shared space, is often called teleimmersion or telexistence. Telexistence is the concept of overcoming limitations of time and space by presenting a sensation of existence in a virtual sense. Technology based on this concept enables users to meet and talk as if they share the same space and time, even if they are far apart from each other. This is the goal of the development of mutual telexistence communication systems, as a natural progression from the telephone to the telexistence-videophone. In this project, three types of telexistence communication systems are proposed for development: a telexistence communication booth for public facilities/offices; a telexistence-videophone for home use, and a wearable telexistence-videophone for personal use.