Syntactic-Semantic Tagging of Medical Texts: The Multi-TALE project


Ceusters, W.,
Spijns, P.,
Martin, W.,
De Moor, G.

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This book summarises the achievements of the Multi-TALE project, that aims at developing a syntactic-semantic tagger-lemmatiser that assist lexicolo-gist in a multilingual environment to automatically classify specialised terms in a standardisation perspective. Its intended audience consists of (mainly) two distinct groups: on the one hand the computational linguists, who are sometimes desperately seeking an appropriate application involving real life data for their implemented prototypes, and on the other hand medical E.D.P. managers (doctors or computer scientists), who are sometimes looking equally desperately for methods that would facilitate their information retrieval and knowledge processing tasks. Therefore, this book contains a concise introduction to the relevant linguistic and medical topics required for an overall comprehension of its other parts. Inevita-bly, some notions are already well known by one group of readers but completely new to the other group. We have aimed at striking a good balance so that no reader becomes rapidly bored or discouraged.

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