Strengthening Influenza Pandemic Preparedness through Civil-Military Cooperation


Neville, J.,
Kisilev, O.I.

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This publication covers a wide range of influenza topics, stressing the importance of influenza as a global health threat and the importance of cooperation between civilian and military public health resources in the control, prevention, and response to a pandemic. This book covers the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, held at the Research Institute on Influenza in St. Petersburg, Russia. The intent of the Workshop was to enhance influenza pandemic preparedness through civil-military co-operation with the following specific objectives:
• Review influenza disease and virological laboratory surveillance standards and capacities.
• Identify possibilities for enhanced collaboration among existing national and international networks.
• Initiate preparation of a response plan to an influenza pandemic that includes civil-military participation and considers vaccine and antiviral compound availability and access for both sectors.
• Enhance awareness of influenza-related research capabilities of various countries.
This volume documents a unique forum for civilian and military medical leaders to meet and to exchange professional and contact information. An influenza pandemic would likely draw on all medical resources and civil-military co-operation would be vital to restore global health security. Influenza remains a global health threat that will be most effectively countered through improved civil-military cooperation in the development or improvement of surveillance and response plans and in achieving greater availability and use of effective vaccines and anti-viral drugs.