Strangeness and Spin in Fundamental Physics


Bressani, T.,
Anselmino, M.,
Feliciello, A.,
Ratcliffe, Ph.G.

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Strangeness and Spin in Fundamental Physics is dedicated to the discussion of
the role played by two subtle and somehow puzzling quantum numbers, the strangeness
and the spin, in fundamental physics. They both relate to basic properties of the
fundamental quantum field theories describing strong and electro-weak interactions and
to their phenomenological applications. In some instances, like the partonic spin structure
of the proton, they are deeply correlated.

The many puzzling results recently obtained by measuring several spin asymmetries
have stimulated gigantic progresses in the study of the spin structure of protons and
neutrons. Intense theoretical activity has discovered new features of non-perturbative
QCD, like strong correlations between the spin and the intrinsic motions of quarks inside
the nucleons.

The purpose of this publication is that of providing a complete, updated and critical
account of the most recent and relevant discoveries in the above fields, both from the
experimental and theoretical sides.

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