Spin-echo small-angle neutron scattering measurements


Andersson, R.A.

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Delft University Press


A Spin-Echo Small Angle Scattering (SESANS) instrument is capable of studying samples containing large inhomogeneities, large in a sense that they extend across the mesoscopic and microscopic domains. Thus, being applicable to samples of polymers, colloids, dairy products, powders, clays, etc. All of this in a simple and more direct way than existing small-angle neutron-scattering instruments. In essence, there is confidence enough to start exploring the real samples – samples that SESANS is made for. The SESANS experiments conducted and presented in this book will bring insight in the relationship between micro- and macroscopics of fine cohesive powders. The aim is to inspire for future research on samples made up of large disordered heterogeneities through discussing many of the correlation functions expected in these systems. After an introductory text, which serves to introduce the reader to the physics and methods used in greater lines, follows a number of self-contained chapters; these are the scientific articles prepared and published during this thesis work.