Speech, Hearing and Neural Network Models


Nakagawa, S.,
Shikano, K.,
Tohkura, Y.

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A wide range of fields of study support speech research. They cover many fields like for instance phonetics, linguistics, psychology, cognitive science, sonics, information engineering (information theory, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence), and it is an extremely difficult job to carry all of these in one body.The first half of this book gives detailed descriptions of engineering applications, that is the speech, hearing and perception mechanisms that form the basis for automatic synthesis and recognition of speech. The second half of this book gives a detailed explanation of speech synthesis and recognition based on a collective physiological approach, that is the artificial neural networks which imitate human neural networks and have once again been bathed in attention lately. The characteristics of this book are that, along with having engineers and technicians as its main targets, it explains engineering models based on speech science.