Social Shaping of Digital Publishing: Exploring the Interplay Between Culture and Technology

Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Electronic Publishing


Linde, P.,
Baptista, A.A. ,
Lavesson, N.,
Brito, M.A.

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The processes and forms of electronic publishing have been changing since the advent of the Web. In recent years, the open access movement has been a major driver of scholarly communication, and change is also evident in other fields such as e-government and e-learning. Whilst many changes are driven by technological advances, an altered social reality is also pushing the boundaries of digital publishing.

With 23 articles and 10 posters, Elpub 2012 focuses on the social shaping of digital publishing and explores the interplay between culture and technology. This book contains the proceedings of the conference, consisting of 11 accepted full articles and 12 articles accepted as extended abstracts. The articles are presented in groups, and cover the topics: digital scholarship and publishing; special archives; libraries and repositories; digital texts and readings; and future solutions and innovations.

Offering an overview of the current situation and exploring the trends of the future, this book will be of interest to all those whose work involves digital publishing.

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